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Feb 23, 2010 05:05 AM

Looking For a Festive, Reasonably-Priced Restaurant For a Group of 12

Any ideas for a fun spot, any neighborhood, any kind of cuisine, where I might be able to get a table for 12 this Saturday? I've tried Spice Market and Freemans but no luck.

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  1. try calling otto, might be too late though for this saturday

    1. Zarela could probably get you in.

      1. alta or sala 19 might be able to accomodate you. il bastardo or socarrat as well.

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          Try Macondo, 'Inoteca, Pipa or Crispo. I second Alta.

          Unless you rent the whole space I'm not sure how socarrat could work for a large group.

        2. Flor De Sol in Tribeca. Great for groups and good food!

          1. Just tried Pampano (49th/3rd) and was told they tend to have less of a crowd on weekends. Mexican fare-which turned out to be extremely delicious and thier hibiscus margharitas were superb. Don't know how this escaped my radar but going back soon!