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Feb 23, 2010 05:04 AM

Looking for good produce in or around Lahaina..

We're heading to Lahaina at the end of the week for a much deserved break. I enjoy cooking and while we will eat most dinners out, but breakfast and lunch will usually be at the condo. I usually shop specialty markets at home and I'm looking for a place, around Lahaina, that has good produce and food to pick up. Also wondering where to get the freshest fish to grill.
When I asked my contact in Lahaina she told me to go to Costco for the best produce and fish. All I could think of was....are you kidding me!!!! I'm not going all the way to Hawaii to buy my produce and fish, of all things, at Costco.

Can anyone give me better advise?

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  1. Costco is actually a great place to start. Prices there are not too much higher than on the mainland and it is always our first stop to stock up on the basics (sunscreen, milk, bread, snacks, soda, booze, bottled water). They have a wonderful selection of meat and produce. We stay in Napili and shop at Napili market there for day-to-day needs but it is definitely way more expensive than Costco. Star Market in Honokowai is your basic supermarket and has food to go and there is a seafood market located nearby in the same strip mall as Honokowai Okazuya (which has great food to go, by the way). If you find another option, please post. Have a great trip!

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      Thanks Mimi! While I don't mind shopping at Costco I'm a huge fan, but we don't get in until 10:00pm. I was just hoping to get some more local stuff. I think I know where the Star Market is so maybe I'll just head up there the next morning. I'll let you know if I find something good. There's a fisherman that I may contact about the fresh fish, too.

    2. One thing people don't realize is that the VAST majority of produce you find in the stores in Hawaii (be it Lihue, Lahaina, or Laie) comes from the mainland. VERY LITTLE produce is grown in Hawaii. There are a multitude of factors involved in this. Transportation, land and water issues, etc., but costco is as good a place as anywhere in most cases unless you hit the farmers market. Here is a link to farmers markets on Kauai:

      Fish on the other hand is hard to beat in Hawaii. The fish you find in virtually every supermarket is fresh and good quality.

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        Kapalua Farms has great produce you can get it at the Honolua General store on the resort property.

      2. Thanks everyone! Maybe I'll head up to Kapalua the drive should be nice and I'll get some fresh produce to boot! Glad to hear about the fish being fresh at most stores....would like to think if I'm in Maui that the last place I would buy fish from is Costco.
        After getting 8" of snow here Monday and will get snow for the rest of the week, Maui will be a wonderful change!!

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          Hitting the farmers markets is great, lots of great produce. If not, there is a store in Lahaina called Lahaina Farms, great spot! TONS of local produce, it is the best place I have found so far. I forget the name of the shopping center, but it is the same center with Outback Steakhouse, and The Melting Pot. Good luck!

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            Thanks, exactly what I was looking for!!

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              I'm a San Francisco hound headed to Maui at the end of the month and would love additional advice on farmer's markets. Which are the best farmers markets in Maui, and what are the days/locations? Also, what's in season this time of year? Thank you in advance!

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                There's a decent farmer's market in Honokawai for fresh produce. Costco has great fresh caught fish, I like their ahi sashimi better than that of Foodland or Safeway and it's cheaper as well.Lahaina Farms is very good, but at a higher price point than that of the local farmer's markets. If you're there long enough, the Maui Swap Meet on Saturday mornings is the best place to go, it's great!

          2. You can order vegetable and Island Fruit boxes online before your trip at They will delivery to your vacation home/condo/hotel. Or you can come and pickup your order and also enjoy the market and taste a new exotic fruit that is in season, get a cold coconut or a shaved ice. Found in Kaanapali (north of lahaina approx 5 minute drive) Hwy 30 & Puukolii Street.