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Feb 23, 2010 04:49 AM

Wedding Reception Dinner - Locations

Hey all

Out of towner looking for a nice restaurant to have a wedding reception dinner in NYC (12-15 people).

So far i have:

- Market Table
- Gotham City Bar
- Domenico's
- The View Restaurant (Marriott Marquis)

Any other recomendations?

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  1. Do you have a per person budget in mind. You wouldn't believe how widely the prices vary. There are a lot of great options depending on budget and atmosphere you want.

    1. EMP is a superb choice for a wedding reception dinner. With that number of guests, the dinner would have to be held in one of the two private dining rooms. (The smaller one seats up to 18). You don't mention any budgetary parameters, so be aware that it will be expensive as there are certain minimums that will need to be met. Dana Kane is in charge of private events. Contact info is on the website:

      I would stay far away from The View as the food is mediocre at best.

      1. Thank you both! My budget is up to $250 per head (from initial research it seems that I can get good food for this amount). As there are only a handful of us I wanted a place where we can have a little area to ourselves but not be stuck in a massive private room where we will be rattling around!

        I emailed Dana after reading the reviews on Chowhound. I wasn't sure from the photos whether i liked the space though but I have shortlisted it anyway. I am planning a visit to NYC before i book anything up anyway.

        Maybe The View can be kept for some evening drinks another night then as my folks would enjoy the view of Manhattan I'm sure!

        1. P.s. The costs for doing this in NYC are almost insignificant compared to what we were being asked to pay for the venue only in the UK!

          1. For that budget, I will give you the short list of places I looked at for my wedding dinner:
            Park Avenue (winter, summer, spring)
            Blue Hill

            All have private or semi-private space, wonderful food and service.

            I settled on Blue Hill - it was everything we wanted and then some (we can custom design the menu which is a real treat). We also opted to do a week day lunch for personal reasons, but the bonus is we get the entire restaurant to ourselves since they are not open for lunch).

            Happy hunting!

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              If you don't mind, could you reveal what you ended up paying Blue Hill? Did you have it at the small room or the main dining room?

              Thanks :)

              1. re: y3n0

                y3, we are eating in the main dining room - our meal is at lunchtime on a Friday when the place is usually closed so we get the whole space to ourselves. Their minimum F&B for private events is $3500. We are having so few people that we will have a hard time hitting that, actually, so will probably add a course and do higher end wines to make it work out. Service charge will be extra.

                Their event manager (Danielle) is extremely prompt with email and phone inquiries and was really helpful. They are making it very easy for us.