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Feb 23, 2010 04:25 AM

Thai in NYC??

Coming to NYC for a visit and want to know where to go for GREAT Thai food? Unfortunately in the city I live in we only have two Thai restaurants and neiter of them are very good. Not looking for anything fancy just authentic.

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  1. Sripraphai is easily the single best Thai restaurant in NYC. Well worth traveling out to Queens if you're looking for great Thai food; just make sure to stay away from the pad thai and other popular Americanized choices. I'd check the Outer Boroughs board for recommendations on specific dishes.

    Rhong-Tiam in Manhattan was pretty good, but it closed fairly recently and merged with/took over its sister restaurant, Kurve. I've heard the food is still good, but the restaurant is a hilarious eyesore now, which is a shame.

    1. Srirpraphai is always my first choice, but you'll need to go to the Outer Boroughs board to learn more. In Midtown, you have a couple good options in Wondee Siam and Pam Real Thai.

      If you're not familiar with authentic Thai, you might note it is much more strong tasting than the sweet sauces that characterize the cuisine for mass consumption. It is spicier, more sour, with a funky kick from fish sauce, anise flavors and plenty of fresh herbs.

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        Definitely Sripraphai. We recently ate at Pam Real Thai, understanding that it was about the next best thing available in Manhattan and were sorely disappointed. None of the dishes was special at all, and mine was downright bad, with rubbery calamari and some truly wooden/fibrous veggies (blanking on the details as I was tired at the time). We were emphatically disappointed as all three dishes were subpar.

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          We particularly like Pam Real Thai Encore on 47th St. Haven't been to the original in quite a while.

        2. I liked Rhong-Tiam when it was on La Guardia. I've heard that it has since closed and is now on 2nd and 5th. Assuming it is just as tasty, I recommend it.

          Btw, if the one on La Guardia is still open, pls. let me know. Thanks.

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            Rhong-Tiam on La Guardia is definitely closed, and Kurve has been renamed Rhong-Tiam. The food is the same, excellent.

          2. If it must be in Manhattan, Kurve and Kittichai are the best options. As a previous poster mentioned, the decor at Kurve can be migraine inducing. Kittichai is very elegant and the food is high quality but "safe" with the herbs and seasoning. For the best authentic Thai, you need to venture to Sripraphai in Queens. You will get fresh herbs, heat, sour, sweet and all intense.

            I really do not like Pam Real Thai. I have only been once but am leery of giving it a second try.

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              Kittichai is lovely but I don't think their food is anything special. It's also overpriced for what it is.

              Wondee is good if you order right.

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                Ditto this on Kittichai. Beautiful setting and so serene though (if you are into paying extra for the setting.)

            2. My favorite Thai in Manhattan is the original Wondee Siam on 9th Avenue. Be sure to order from their authentic Thai menu (or whatever they call it) which is on a special card on the tables. I actually prefer their crispy pork and chinese broccoli over Sripraphai's version. Make sure you get that.

              This Wondee is really a hole in the wall, but it is cheap and BYOB.