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Feb 23, 2010 04:03 AM

1 day/1 night: I'm an EMP type and my traveling companion is a vegetarian non-foodie. Need rex

Family duty calls us up to NYC for one day/one night. I'm into great food, eat anything, money no object; however, my traveling companion is almost the opposite....price is a concern, he's a vegetarian (but not vegan), but can enjoy a great meal like the rest of us, but nothing dress up for him...jeans only. We are heading up on short notice (will be there next Tuesday-the 2nd), Dinner doesn't have to be totally on the cheap as he's willing to "splurge" for the one night in NY, but his definition of splurge and mine are quite different (picture Per Se vs. something a notch or two above Cheesecake Factory). Not sure where in the city we'll be staying (wherever we land via Priceline!) although the purpose of our visit will take us near Central Park West, but subway, cabs, etc. no problem. Any suggestions for a great meal (or two...maybe lunch and dinner) that will satisfy us both? TIA

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  1. hangawi is a veg korean place

    1. Dirt Candy is supposed the be the place where vegetarians and foodies unite.

      Hangawi also has a sister restaurant Franchia which has some simple vegetarian stuff and focuses on Korean tea.

      1. It is so easy to eat in manhattan with a vegetarian. you aren't restricted to asian or vegetarian only restaurants. is there a cuisine or an area of town you want to explore?

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          No set area or type of cuisine. anything goes! Are there any good tasting menus that aren't too pricey that also have alternative vegetarian tasting menus?

          1. re: zook

            You need to be clearer about how much you want to spend.

            1. re: rrems

              I'd say about $60 exclusive of drinks and tip.

              1. re: zook

                The only tasting menu I know of for that price is the 5-course at Degustation for $50, but I dont think they do vegetarian. It would be worth calling to ask, though. Crispo might work, no tasting menus but a lot of vegetarian options.

                1. re: rrems

                  Check out Blossom in Chelsea. Vegan restaurant, but fantastic food.

                2. re: zook

                  If your friend is willing to splurge, Gramercy Tavern does a vegetable tasting menu and make it vegetarian on request -- but it's also $92 before tip and tax. I can't think of any other veg-friendly tasting menu... My veg friends like Dirt Candy and Pure Food & Wine if that helps at all.

          2. Something else to consider: you can also do a high-end lunch for a lower price (ex: just took my finance to Bouley for his bday lunch - on a Monday - it was $48 pp and one of the best values I have had in the city). Same great food and service, but a lower bottom line. Then you can do dinner more cheaply.

            I am also a vegetarian (though I do eat fish) and have very little problem finding things to eat (unless I end up in a lousy pub someplace).

            Bouley and EMP were both willing to let me do a vegetarian version of the tasting menu - they just needed 24 hours notice. Blue Hill is also super-accommodating (though might be out of your price range).