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Looking for a Wine Merchant / Liquor Store Northwest Suburbs

I'm a newcomer to Wine. My drink(s) of choice have typically been Vodka Martini's and Bourbon Manhattans. However, I crossed that point of no return recently (Age 50) and find that the hard stuff knocks the crap out of me. I'd like to transition to Wine but I'm completely lost when I walk into a liquor store.

My liquor store of choice is Colonial Spirits in Acton and even though I spend over $1,000 per year and special order from time to time I don't feel like they appreciate my business. And when I ask for help with Wine selections I usually get a 20 something who is clueless.

Can someone recommend a Wine Merchant or Liquor Store with a knowledgeable staff?

I'd like it to be within 20 minutes of Littleton Common.

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  1. Harrington's in Chelmsford, used to employ a decent wine guy, not sure if he's still there.

    1. John at http://www.grotonmarket.com/grotonmar...

      is good. It's also next door to a very good BYOB Italian restaurant. In fact there is a door between the liquor store and restaurant.

      1. You may not belive this but Fern's country store in carlisle center has just opened a beer and wine annex (after 150 years of dryness) and I am told by many that their wine manager is very knowledgable. It is a small, intimate place, oppposite of Colonial, with lots of variety. We love Colonial and they rock for beer selection, knowledge and keg variety. The "bistrobroad" blog just did a small peice on Ferns about a week ago.

        1. Thank you Fish, Frond and Mom for the feedback.

          And Mom, thanks for the tip about BistroBroad.

          1. Might be a little far from Littleton- but Wine Connextion in North Andover is a great wine store-huge selection, nice staff (I belive its basically family owned and operated) and great prices.

            1. Bacons' Spirits in Hudson, ask for Michael, "The Wine Guy" (according to Mapquest, it's 20 minutes south on 495). They also do some terrific semi-annual wine tastings. I agree about Colonial, I stop there strictly for convenience.

              1. Try Post Road in Wayland.

                1. Based on your post, I'd suggest that Vintages in West Concord (also Belmont, but if you were already going to Colonial Spirits...) is exactly what you are looking for. Their very well-informed staff always appreciates curiosity. Many, many excellent choices in every price range, including things you won't find in larger stores. Their focus is on France and Italy, though. Not a lot in the way of North America and "New World".

                  I have found some of the best $13 bottles of wine I've ever had there, along with many wonderful "special occasion" bottles.

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                    Try Acton wine & spirits, Ken the wine manager is a mature and knowledgable guy. THe selections there are well balanced internationally

                  2. Nine Acre Wines, Concord (next to Verril Farm)
                    Vintage, West Concord

                    1. Hopkinton Wine & Spirits is right off 495 in Hopkinton.

                      I've heard very good things about it, and have drunk wines purchased there many times (at a friend's house). Great service, I'm told. My friend also recommends Post Road Liquors in Wayland on Rt 20.