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Feb 22, 2010 09:45 PM

Please fill in the blanks ...

Hello - I will be in NYC staying at the Standard hotel with 5 girlfriends (not sure if age matters but we are in our early 30's) ... our chow planning is as follows but I need help filling in the blanks:

Friday lunch: ?
Friday Dinner: The Standard Grill
Saturday lunch: Bistro Bagatelle
Saturday dinner: Abe & Arthur
Sunday lunch: ?
Sunday dinner: ?

Based on what we have booked so far, could you recommend lively restaurants with great food for the spots above? I was thinking La Esquina on Sunday lunch? Being that we are from Vancouver we aren't interested in sushi / asian cuisine or seafood restaurants :P

We would like to stick close to the Meatpacking and/or Soho districts for lunch on Friday and Sunday.

Thanks so much!!!! Any and all help is really appreciated.

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  1. fig and olive? maybe otto? old homestead is also lively

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    1. re: daffyduck

      Is Soho House's restaurant open to the public these days?

      1. re: KTinNYC

        not sure, just realized that i got in because my friend was a member.
        its a beautiful place though
        maybe u can hang around there and flirt with someone to get u in :-P

    2. paradou for sunday lunch/brunch if you are looking to drink they do an unlimited beverage brunch.
      as for dinner fig and olive, kittichai, la esquina, po & boqueria. so many good spots downtown.