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Feb 22, 2010 09:35 PM

Bourdain on Tour - Worth it?

The Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Tour is coming to a theater near me in April. What does he talk about? Is it worth the $35 or $45 admission? (Only $85 for a "meet & greet" with a book signing.)


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  1. While I think it's interesting to hear him speak, I sure as sh*t wouldn't pay that much to go see him talk. Maybe he's trying to get into the public speaker circuit, but I just wouldn't go.


      Will Anthony sing & dance? If Tony can find his inner giggle, then so should we.

      1. I saw him a few years ago with local chefs Michel Richard and Jose Andres, and they overshadowed him significantly. I was there to hear them talk about being chefs, and since Bourdain is no longer one, he didn't have much to add.

        I absolutely wouldn't pay to see just Bourdain; what a snore.

        1. I went to a book signing and dinner at Union in Seattle with Tony a few years ago. He spent time with everyone in the place. He was in good form, full of stories that are unprintable and as salty as ever. I find him interesting and entertaining and would always go out of my way, and pay some money, to hear him.

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            Maybe this is what would get for $85.

            Thanks to all who replied!

          2. You don't by chance have a link to the tour dates? I did a google search but got nothing. Thanks.

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              These are the dates I found:

              Austin, TX - Paramount Theatre-Austin 4/1/09
              Syracuse, NY - Landmark Theatre 4/22/09
              Minneapolis, MN State Theatre-MN 4/23/10
              Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre 4/24/10
              Pittsburgh, PA Heinz Hall 6/14/10
              Cincinnati, OH - Aronoff Center-Procter & Gamble Hall 6/27/10