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Feb 22, 2010 08:32 PM

Dress code and general thoughts

My wife and I are heading to D.C. in a couple of weeks to see a Caps game and generally unwind. The game is the first night and I was thinking about going to Matchbox beforehand. We typically wear our jerseys to the games, but can certainly pack them away while eating, but overall, is it a casual restaurant? All reviews I have read seem to say so.

I also wanted to get a dress code check on a few other places we are planning on checking out (I always feel awkward about clothing if I haven't seen the place myself):

Cafe Atlantico

And Marcel's, which I expect to be formal, so I guess my question would be how formal? Blazer and khakis? More?

If you have opinions outside the dress code, they'd be appreciated as well :).

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  1. Firefly
    Cafe Atlantico

    definitely business casual is ok. Matchbox, very casual. have not made it to the others.

    but I say dress to the nines and screw what everyone else is wearing or conversely go all Beverly Hillbilly and request asparagus tongs and finger bowls. (of course I'm wearing a unionsuit - long johns) as I type this.

    some are just too wound up here and it's sort of sad when Miss Manners has to talk them down from the anxiety ceiling.

    yeah I'd dress nice for Marcel's