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Feb 22, 2010 07:27 PM

Has the Whopper Jr. shrunk?

I try to avoid the chain burger places, but there's a BK near my place and every now and again, I need a quick bite.

The Whopper Jr. was always a slightly smaller version of the signature sandwich. Less big. And that was fine, as the Whopper was already pushing the calorie index. But this last trip revealed a burger that was tiny... about the size of a kid's burger.

Has anyone else noticed this or am I simply getting old and jaded? : )

Have other chains reduced portion sized due to the economy?

- Jon

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  1. The Whopper Jr. is tiny. Wendy's double stack at 99 cents is a much better value: those patties are tiny, too, but you get two of them.

    1. You are right. The burger itself is thinner.

      I ordered it a few weeks back along with the $1 cheeseburger. If you compare both the Whopper Jr. patty was half as thin ... I couldn't imagine they coculd get it much thinner.

      Haven't noticed a difference at anyplace size-wise ... yet

      I'd take a wager that others will do something similiar. When I had a Shamrock shake at McDonald's,I suspected it might be smaller

      However, If they are, they should take advantage with marketng instead of being like a cat in a litter box and trying to cover it up ... less calories ... 10% less fat ... etc.

      Though I'm bothered by other down-sizing in products such as ice cream, canned veggies, paper towels ... and on and on, I could get on board with this.

      Mini Size Me.

      1. I had a WJR a few months back and didn't think they skimped much or downsized. The difference between the WJR and value menu items from other fastfood places is that the WJR gives you some produce.

        btw, I am NEVER in such a big rush that a WJR becomes mandatory. I'll always plan ahead before it comes to that! A few ounces of trail mix is much healthier for you.

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        1. re: NewDude

          Yes, a few months back it was like always. The change seems to be recent.

          1. re: NewDude

            "btw, I am NEVER in such a big rush that a WJR becomes mandatory. I'll always plan ahead before it comes to that! A few ounces of trail mix is much healthier for you."


            Ya know, I normally wouldn't care about comments like that (belittling the OP's choice), but I just have to jump in here and mention a time when I HAD to eat at BK. About 4+ years ago, I was driving to see my son perform at his first major college concert. I got caught in the worst traffic-jam-from-hell, where it literally took me twice as long to get there as it should have (well over 3 hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic). I had my son's brand new tuxedo in my car. He needed to be dressed and ready by 6:30 pm, and I got to his room at 6 pm. I then had to check into my hotel, change my clothes and hurry back to the campus for the concert. I literally had 15 minutes to eat dinner. I was damn glad to see the BK sign near my hotel. Did I preplan to eat somewhere much better? You bet. Did I have a healthy snack ready? You bet, I ate it in the car so I wouldn't pass out from hunger on the freeway. (I always have healthy snacks with me wherever I go.) Did I inhale my whopper junior? You bet. Would I do the same thing again in a similar situation? You bet.

            To each his (or her) own.

            1. re: rednails

              so coming from someone who obviously doesn't "do" fast food, setting aside the fact that well seasoned mud would have tasted good at that point.... how was it? I rather like the WJR. Usually get it sans mayo.

              ps: i think they are the same size as ever, and the fries are pretty lame.

              1. re: KaimukiMan

                Yes, I do fast food, I just prefer not to as I try to eat healthy. I mentioned that I HAD to eat at BK that time as there just wasn't any other option, and had planned to eat somewhere else on a much less time-constrained basis. Perhaps the intent of my reply was misunderstood.

                The WJR was pretty damn good. Exactly what I expected, no more, no less. I love the secret sauce! I don't even mind if the lettuce wilts a little bit from the heat of the burger (OK, I'm weird that way). Well seasoned mud won't ever taste that good.

                I am not opposed to chains at all. I can do fast food when the occasion warrants (so easy on the wallet) but it's usually when I'm with my son or as noted already. I prefer BK over McD (and I have a separate issue w/McD not relevant to this post), Wendy's over Carls Jr, and can eat at Panda Express without holding my nose. Baja Express is good too, I prefer it over Taco Bell which I think is worse than mud. I eat at the local mall food court when necessary or the wallet feels thin and I need what's left in it to shop.

                I am so not a snob and don't shun sit-down chains either. I can easily eat at Outback Express, CPK, Romano Grill and Cheesecake Factory. There are a few others I like as well. I would always rather eat at a place that gives me good food/value for the money than not. My expectations are realistic. I would always prefer to eat at a locally owned restaurant but sometimes it just doesn't work out. I can't always afford the places I'd prefer to eat at. I dream of eating at The French Laundry but it ain't gonna happen, at least not on my credit card.

                My point to NewDude was that ND's advice/comment was (I thought) condescending and moralizing. There, I said it. Everyone makes their own choices as to where/when/what they eat and ND's life/choices are not the OPs. The OP was asking about portion size, not what would be healther than a WJR.

                Oh, and I only get fries if I've had a really, really bad day and need the emotional lift I get from eating fatty food. The healthy thing again. 8 years of Weight Watchers can do that to a person.

                KaimukiMan, please don't think I'm flaming you or anyone else. I'm just trying to explain my point of view, and reacting to NewDude's comment.


                1. re: rednails

                  i think it was me who wasn't clear, my apologies. Just wondered how you perceived the WJR as someone who avoids, when reasonable, fast food. Since your reply was exactly what I hoped to hear, I didn't feel flamed at all, and appreciate the straightforward reply. Nor was I trying to cast aspersions on New Deal. We all have our limits and our preferences. I know people who would truly rather skip a couple of meals than eat fast food. That is certainly their prerogative. I have my own lines in the sand, also not necessarily germane to this thread. And I don't expect my lines to be the same as anyone else's. What fun would that be?

                  1. re: KaimukiMan

                    Glad we're on the same page!! There's another thread on the Home Cooking board that raised my hackles last night, also about choices people make. I have to really think it thru before I respond to that one.

                  2. re: rednails

                    The Whopper/whopper jr have a secret sauce ?
                    News to me. I thought that was the Big Mac.
                    I thought the Whopper had mayo and ketchup and veggies..that's about it.

                    1. re: rochfood

                      Whatever the sauce is, I love it. I'm always too busy inhaling it to analyze what it is. :)

                        1. re: ajh05004

                          That's weird, I could swear there was something else. That tells you how often I order it, as I always ask for no mayo.

                    2. re: rednails

                      Sheesh, I meant Baja Fresh, not Baja Express. And there's one down the street from my home and near my son's school too. Sooo much better than Taco Hell, I mean Bell.

              2. their fries are still the worst

                1. I had my first Whopper in Agusta, 1975 when BK was an independent chain in a few states. Then, both the Whopper and Whaler, lived up to their name. They were the biggest sandwiches I ever saw in my life- as least as far as width. Each was probably 8in across and too big to hold in one hand. Even for me, a hungry soldier, it was sometimes too much to eat for one meal!

                  Today I still *snicker* when I see those names. They would be better named the MINI and the MINNOW!