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Feb 22, 2010 05:37 PM

2 days in Asheville, we need help.....

My wife and I arrived in Asheville for lunch which we went straight to 12 bones..We both got the pulled pork plate which was fantastic! Their sides were also incredible, we had jalepeno grits and corn pudding that was killer! For dinner we went to Zambra, the tapas place downtown. Some dishes were better than others, but all in all it was very good. I've heard alot about alot of resaurants in Asheville and only have two days left here. The ones weve heard are do not miss places include The Admiral, Rezaz, Fig, Corner Kitchen, & Red Stag. Ive also heard Rosettas is great, and that Table is great for local flavors. We need help, as time will run out quickly...Can we do any of these for lunch?? Which ones should we not miss?? Are there any others we would be missing out on???

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  1. The Admiral is not open for lunch. Table is, but not on Tuesdays, if that helps any. Those would probably be my top 2 choices. My understanding is that reservations are a must now for the Adm. I'd also do breakfast at Tupelo Honey, if you haven't yet.

    1. Rosetta's is open for lunch. I really like it - but it's very casual and eclectic. The food could best be described as vegetarian soul food. Breakfast is also good at Early Girl.

      1. Personnally, I would take a pass on Corner Kitchen, I've only been there once but found it mediocre. i've been to Table twice, lunch both times, and thought it was mediocre, bordering on bad. Admiral and Fig are not open at lunch, those would be my dinner choices.

        Rosettas IS great...if you're in the mood for hippy-food. I always get the peanut butter tofu and sweet potato fries. (it may be veg - but it ain't health food) My husband hates the place, it may be an acquired taste. If you want vegetarian, you could also consider Laughing Seed, a bit more mainstream than Rosettas.

        I know you're trying to pick from the list you noted, but I'd recommend going to Sunny Point over any of them for lunch.

        Sounds like you're doing the town right so far...have fun! (you better hurry w/ that Admiral reservation)

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          Fig is open for lunch and it's terrific. Go all the time.

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            oh, sorry for the bad info. not sure how I got that in my head. what do they serve at lunch?

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              Fig has nice salads and soups at lunch. Main courses are a little pricey but it's a good way to experience the restaurant without paying higher dinner prices. I am dying to try their brunch, too. From their website:
              Soup, salad and grilled cheese sandwich 10
              Macaroni Gratin with applewood bacon and a simple green salad 9
              Quiche of the Day with salade verte aux herbes 10
              Bolognese 11
              Cuban Sandwich, ham, pork rillette, swiss cheese, cornichons 10
              Egg Salad Sandwich, capers, celery and herbs 9
              Burger, grilled red onions, bacon, swiss cheese 10
              Scottish Salmon, braised red cabbage, polenta, chive essence 12
              Lamb Sausage, cous cous, raita, harissa vinaigrette 12
              Chicken Breast, panzanella, ni├žoise, sun-dried tomato, balsamic 12
              Hanger Steak, roast fingerling potatoes, caramelized shallot and red wine sauce 13

              and a few more

        2. I enjoyed The Laughing Seed (vegetarian). It seemed pretty good all around.

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            I've had really mixed experiences at the Laughing Seed - sometimes great, sometimes downright bad. Any recent experiences to share? It's been about 6 months since I've been (wondering how they're trending...)

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              I love it. Their brunch is my favorite in town. We go often and I've never had anything bad.

          2. I would pass on Rezaz's. The last two time I have been there my food has been absolutely terrible in both quality and preperation. I will not return for a very, very long time.