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Meat & Threes?

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Are there any good "meat & three" place in Dallas / Plano / Frisco?

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  1. There's a Babe's in Frisco.

    1. The closest to a "meat & 3" in Dallas that come to mind would be, Celebration, (dinner only) Mama's Daughter's Diner, and possibly, The Mecca and Norma's.

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        CElebration is the best! They are open for lunch twinnie.

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          Right. They are open for lunch. I eat lunch there often but, they don't do the "meat & three" for lunch. Just at dinner.

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          Mama's Daughter and Mecca are both family favorites for me. I adore Mama's Daughter's coconut and chocolate cream pies, too!

        3. Hmmm.... have never heard the "meat & three phrase". If you find yourself west of D/FW, there's the Dixie House Cafe, 183 in Euless w/multiple locations in FW (no connection to Gene Street's Dallas Dixie House) and FW's Paris Cafe, really bland, not recommended.

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            The term "meat & three" is commonly used to describe entree's served at many Southern and Midwestern "family" cafeteria style restaurants. The price of the entree includes a meat protein and three sides chosen from the menu or serving line. I think Mama's & Daughter's Diner is the best example of a "meat & three" in Dallas. However, The Original Market Diner on Harry Hines offers the same type of menu as well.

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              Yeah, got that figured out after reading the first several responses. odd, I grew up in the very deep south and ate at many, many cafeterias along the way. never saw it or heard it, but is a good abbreviation for a meal.

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                It's a common term in middle part of the South (Nashville, etc). Lots of restaurants like this. I don't think they use that terminology at all in the deep South (at least not in Louisiana / South MS)

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                  Agreed. Generally, in the middle South, you're much more likely to hear the "Blue Plate Special" term, or just "Blue Plate" for meat & veg lunches, at least in my experience.

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                    Rotiers in Nashville is the place the springs to mind for me........great little place.

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                      I haven't tried that one in Nashville. I'll have to put it on the list as we travel there a few times a year. Thanks!

            2. Poor Richard's Cafe in Plano is pretty decent meat and 3 type place for lunch.


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                the best thing about meat n threes is that mac and cheese is considered a vegetable.

              2. Bumping for new suggestions.... Of the ones we've tried, I like Celebration, but not Babe's (Seriously, no sweet tea?!) or Mama's Daughters (we tried the Plano location a few times - is there much difference between them?)

                1. Highland Park Cafeteria
                  Good Eats

                  Highland Park Cafeteria
                  300 Casa Linda Blvd, Dallas, TX 75218

                  1. Here's one that hasn't been mentioned. Kel's, on Forest Lane. By the looks of it, it's an old converted Pizza Inn building. But it's really pretty decent food. I'm especially fond of the fried squash, which is made from scratch. The chicken fried steak is quite good and the smothered steak is good, albeit with more modest portions than the CFS. A number of the staff look like they've been their since Christ was a corporal, but that just adds to the charm of the place.

                    5337 Forest Lane
                    Dallas, TX 75244

                    Menu is here: http://kelskitchendallas.com/menu.html

                    Kel's Restaurant
                    5337 Forest Ln, Dallas, TX 75244

                    1. I've got one I discovered since my last post on this topic:
                      Sweet Georgia Brown (soul food) in Oak Cliff (south Dallas). Sensational BBQ and braised meat selections with tons of cooked from scratch sides. You'll never finish what they serve you so be prepared to take home for another meal-or two!
                      Try it on a Saturday for lunch because on Sunday after church, the line is out the door. Read all the (very) positive reviews...........