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Feb 22, 2010 04:41 PM

Best Pasta in Las Vegas

Best restaurant for pasta...a lunch or dinner. Thank-you.

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  1. For creativity and quality (all hand made in house), B&B has to go on any short list. And if you want to do a sampling, there is a pasta tasting menu that changes based on the season (right now focusing on the Emilia-Romagna region).

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    1. re: QAW

      Yeah, B&B is definitely near the top of my "to eat list"! I can't remember hearing anything bad about them. And if the pastas there are as good as the pastas at Osteria Mozza in LA (his and Nancy Silverton's LA joint), then we're in for a real treat! :-)

    2. I really like Sinatra at Encore on The Strip. Just off The Strip, Ago at Hard Rock and Nove at Palms are also solid choices.

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        Oh, and btw Bartolotta at Wynn is another solid choice. The pastas are amazing... And if you're a seafood lover, you'll be in heaven!

      2. It doesn't always get the best of response or reviews... but one of my favorite pasta dishes is the Cavatappi at Enoteca San Marco in Venetian. It's with a lamb ragu, mint and tomato, I find it to be rather wonderful.