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Nashville - Looking for Carneceria w/cooked meats

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My girlfriend and i are new "Nashvillians" transplanted from Michigan. I can't believe the number of Latinos around here ! Which means lots of authentic ethnic restaurants and markets ! We are looking for a meat market or "Carneceria" that sells a variety of cooked meats (asada,carnitas,pollo, etc) by the pound so that we can make our own taco's @ home. We found one that only sells prepared Barbacoa - It was really good, but we are looking for more variety. We are in the Paragon Mills area- just off of Nolensville pike. Thanks for any info.

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  1. I don't have any specific recs, but I live in Woodbine. I can tell you that there are probably more than you can shake a stick at. Just take a drive up Nolensville Rd. on a Saturday afternoon and look for the smoking grills. Also, Harding between Nolensville and I-24.