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Feb 22, 2010 04:11 PM

dao xiao mian: JTYH, Ma's Islamic Chinese, or elsewhere?

I will be in southern California for two nights next week and plan to be noodling around. Last year, a similar question turned up Ma's Islamic Chinese

though I ended up trying other noodles that trip. Ma's is on my list this time. But I see that, in the last year, JTYH opened and might now be the last word in noodles:

Two nights, two places: would be no problem except I'm in Orange County Monday night (near Ma's) and in LA on Tuesday (nearer JTYH), and JTYH is closed Tuesdays.

Is JTYH amazing enough to be worth a special trip Monday during evening rush-hour from Huntington Beach to Rosemead?

Are there other great dao xiao mian places around LA for Tuesday (anywhere SGV is fine)? Or hand-pulled noodles? I could go there Tuesday night and Ma's on Monday night.

Thanks for all your noodle advice.

Finally: where in southern California would I go to buy my own dao xiao mian knife? I was unable to find one in either San Francisco or Hong Kong.

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  1. Aside from JTYH, you can also get them at China Islamic and Kam Hong (both in SGV).

    Hard to say whether JTYH is worth the heinous struggle through the 405/605/10. It's a personal thing, but if it were me, I wouldn't bother.

    As to the knife question, you can use just about any long chef's knife. Just make sure it's really sharp. The rest is just a matter of timing. Cut the dough, not your fist.

    1. JTYH is excellent, but China Islamic's dao xiao mian is very good as well. If JTYH meant having to brave the 405 during rush hour, I don't know if even my Chinese carb-loving heart could do it.

      1. I think JTYH is my current favorite, but I also like Kam Hong. Haven't been to China Islamic.

        Malan Noodle in Hacienda Heights has a few different shapes of pulled noodles, though IIRC, no knife cut. Pretty good IMHO, and they have some interesting "shapes".

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          I second Kam Hong. Never been there for dinner, but several times for lunch and it has always been excellent.

        2. Having once driven from Monterey to Silicon Valley (and back) to check out Chinese restaurants at lunch time, then making the same trip the same day at dinner, I would categorically not suggest driving from Huntington Beach to Rosemead on a Monday night. If you want to drive on your L.A. day you can go to Kam Hong Garden in Monterey Park for knife cut noodles then Malan in Hacienda Heights for some of their various sizes and shapes.

          1. I don't think any food is worth the rush hour drive from HB to the SGV. As for the knife, I don't think there's a special knife. Just get a good, sharp knife that can hold its edge.

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              I know the OP was asking about dao xiao mian, but I'd give Lotus in Huntington Beach a shot.

              I think the people at Lotus used to work at Ma's, so they share a lot of the same dishes. In fact, I tended to like the ones at Lotus more than an Ma's. So, if Ma's serves those noodles, there's a good chance that Lotus will too but I would call first.

              But, I've never tried the noodles at Lotus so I can't directly comment on them because I tended to stick to their strengths and specialities. And, when I went to Ma's, I did the same- they were more famous for some of their other dishes instead of their noodles. I'm not sure it would be worth that drive to Ma's just for their noodles.