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Feb 22, 2010 03:58 PM


I'm going to be trekking up to Bothell the next four evenings for a class. Any food in Bothell worth checking out? Thanks.

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  1. Preservation Kitchen, Main Street Alehouse, Pen Thai, Russel's, Grazie and Aca Los Tortas are all possibilities.

    1. Bothell now has branches of Masala and Mayuri for Indian food.

      Szechwan 99 - about 15 minutes west on Hwy 99, is great. Along with tons of choices for Korean food around the same area.

      Yucatan is good...as long as you stick with non-Tex-Mex stuff. I like their ceviche.

      1. Close to the UWB campus, if that's where you're headed, not much. Pen Thai is the best of the lot -- fresh tasty food and good service -- but nothing you can't get elsewhere.

        If you want to range farther, I second HungWeiLo's suggestions.

        1. Just spent a couple nites in Bothell and the hotel recommended Russells as a nearby place to eat so off we went. The food was excellent and the service better. Really enjoyed the amuse-bouche that was presented after we ordered our meal and a decent wine list. Then we started talking to the server and found they do a wine tour on Friday afternoons up to the Woodinville warehouse wine district where for $10 they will take you to several winery warehouses who waive their tasting fees, then bring you back for dinner where you may bring your wine and not be charged corkage for it. So we returned for that and had a great time. We met the chef and had an unreleased wine shared by one of the winemakers after dinner.

          As to food - you can't go wrong with the steaks or rosemary chicken but must say that the scallops were absolutely the best and when I asked for the risotto rather than potatoes, they didn't blink. On the wine tour, they were the number one recommended item and I would agree with that recommendation. The salads were just enough different to make me feel like I was out of the salad rut.

          all in all - an excellent experience!

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            Thanks everyone. Russells sounds like a hidden gem--I'll check it out on a Friday with the wine tasting as AlaskaChick recs. Been wanting to go to Szechwan 99. Maybe tonight.

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              Wish our experience at Russell's had been as good. The other members of our party arrived before we did and tried to order a glass of wine - they were out of his first 3 choices (of perhaps 6 whites on the menu). The ceasar salad at $10 was 4 leafs of romaine and 4 croutons - the sever didn't have a clue what he was doing. As to the entrees - we all ordered the rack of lamb. At $42 I expected to be wowed. Unfortunately it was oversalted and tough. I get better lamb racks at Costco. We did order dessert and the server attempted to remove our plates before we were half done - I suppose he was ready to go home. Last week we had a really enjoyable meal at Staple and Fancy for $11 per person less so Russell's is a place I certainly won't go back to. I just wish I didn't have to drive into Seattle when i don't want to go to Cafe Juanita.

              Cafe Juanita
              Kirkland, WA, Kirkland, WA

            2. While this is way too late to help Finspot, PNW locals need to try Tandem in Bothell! Wow! The couple who own this place (cook and serve too) treat this place like their home. Food is terrific. Ambiance cozy. Verrrrry nice. Try it. Prices are reasonable and food is locally sourced as much as possible. Tandem isa find!

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                Wow, I have not heard of this before. I found their website and will definitely try it.

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                  I think you'll like it, MillCreek. Small - not too many tables, but very convivial. I would like to see them expand to the next door Healing Room space (aka "pay to pray"), but no one is sure this establisment will fail.

                  Report back when you try it. I hear they're slammed weekend nights!