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Feb 22, 2010 03:57 PM

Need restaurant suggestion for business lunch - Herdon, Tysons, Reston area

Fellow Hounds -

I'm looking for suggestions of good not too pricey, but not hole in the wall places for a business lunch in mid-March. My companions and I are coming from various parts of VA and MD - Leesburg, Arlington, Frederick - so I thought a place in Herdon, Reston, Tyson's would be more or less convenient for everyone.

We're game for any type of food and to cover myself I've made a reservation at Mon Ami Gabi; it's ok, but I'd like something a bit different.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. - not the best looking strip mall on the outside, but very nice ambiance inside with terrific food.

    Ice House Cafe over in Herndon on Elden.

    Cafe Europa in Herndon, also on Elden.

    Thai: Three Thai Sushi or Thai Luang. Luang is generally incredibly good, but recent service is lacking. Three Thai Sushi is a tad slow but good. Both are in Herndon.

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      I had a moment of confusion on this post; it's Euro Bistro in Herndon - they offer a number of European dishes, but focus on German, including usually having some kegs direct from Germany at the ready.

    2. This is a nice place with decent prices and a range of food items. I have taken many customers to the Great American Restaurants. The one in Reston is called Jackson's.


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        PassionFish in Reston is the best restaurant in the area. Bar none.

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          Yes, but there were cost considerations by the OP.

          I love the GAR line, but Jackson's is an oddball in the group. My wife and I had date night there last Sat, and gave it one more chance. They redeemed themselves enough to keep them on the radar, but I'd keep Mon Ami above Jackson's easily. PassionFish for a bigger budget, and some outstanding non-RTC gems to really get something great with a good price point.

          1. re: Dennis S

            Avoid Jacksons - its got all the charm of a train station and the service stinks.

            I second the vote on PassionFish. Excellent service, reasonably priced, superb ingredients and a comfortable place to meet. Mon Ami Gabi is around the corner and is fine but I think you will find PF a better choice. There is also Il Fornaio in Reston which has large and comfortable booths.

            Another thought: Clydes in Tysons or Reston. Clydes offers menu choices for everyone and the place is very comfortable to meet for a business lunch. Service is usually terrific but the food can be average (but not bad).

            1. re: wristband

              Okay, well I said it more delicately :)

              But on Clyde's, I'll have to be brute and say avoid the Reston's location, but go for Tyson's location. I've not heard anyone say other than they are all different, and Reston just sucks - both service and food. Rude service and their dedication to cooking meat right is south of the dedication Cher had to Sonny.

              1. re: Dennis S

                YMMV, as they say. We have been much happier over the years at the Reston Clyde's vs the Tysons Clyde's, which I would say just sucks as well.

                We found the service at Tysons to be among the worst we've ever seen in our 18 years of living in this area. And the food didn't come close to making up for it. Reston has been very dependable for us.

                PassionFish is great, and maybe for lunch it's manageable pricewise for the OP.

            2. re: Dennis S

              For lunch PassionFish is close to the same price as Jackson's which does not feel like a restaurant for a business meal. Every table is a booth and the sound level in the room is quite high. Actually, I wouldn't seriously consider anyplace other than PassionFish. Mon Ami Gabi is from Lettuce Entertain You and I believe a pale imitation of, say, Beck's or Central although it's ambience would work. Still, PassionFish is THE destination restaurant for a business lunch or dinner in Western Fairfax county.

        2. PassionFish is a MUST! They've got an awesome Daily Special for lunch and it's a two-course of the daily special plus your choice of soup or salad for $15. My coworkers and I come in for the special at least once a week. Our favorites are Tuesdays Shrimp + Grits or Friday's Catch of the Day. It's seriously the best deal for the best seafood in the area. Here's a link if you need it!

          1. The Lebanese Taverna in the Galleria (Tysons 2) is pretty darn good.