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Feb 22, 2010 03:25 PM

Traditional German/Austrian/Teutonic-type Cafe

I am trying to find the above style of cafe somewhere within a short drive of Baltimore, i.e., max. 1 hour. It should have older-style fittings, a caseful of beautiful cakes, coffee selections limited to coffee, cappuccino and maybe "American," plus a tea or two. No TVs, no vulgar paper cups with or without dome lids, no City Paper, no diseased podium where you have to fetch your own sugar and milk, only well-behaved children, and newspapers in long wooden clamps. I need this both for a movie location and my own well-being. It used to exist directly across the street from me (The Edelweiss Cafe) so there is hope. Thanks.

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  1. Its not what your looking for, but maybe Heidelberg Bakery in Alexandria Va... can't recall what their coffee is like. Its sans diseased podium I think..

    1. Not quite a cafe but very Bavarian is the Schmankerl Stube in Hagerstown - probably closer to an hour and a half away but seeks to provide authentic cooking - no pastry case, however. Good solid German cooking with checker cloth tables and waitresses in classic kitsch costumes along with the requisite bier garten. It was one of the few places worth eating at in H-town. Definitely no diseased podium.

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        Good recommendations but none in Baltimore City so far. I can visualize "that of which you speak", but I'm pretty sure that that type of urban cafe is not yet in Charm City. City Cafe has some of those characteristics, but not all.

        Maybe Cindy and Tony could start such a venture in Harbor East... :-)

      2. The Schmankerl Stube is a terrific Bavarian restaurant but not a cafe as you describe. A place that hits the "spare decor + great pastries" requirement (albeit French but then Germany has often been confused about what belongs to Germany and what to France)is Patisserie Poupon on E Baltimore Street, but the coffee/tea there is from urns and there is no table service and barely any tables.

        If you do find this ideal location, please let us know.

        PS -- another fine German restaurant is the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown W Va, but it is not a cafe by any means.