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Feb 22, 2010 03:19 PM

any recent experiences at 555 East in Long Beach?

was thinking of going to 555 East for anniversary dinner, had not been there since 2003.

any comments on atmosphere, quality and service?

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  1. They lost their execu chef a few years ago, hasnt been the same since, last two times there is was completely lacking in flavor & meat quality. Service is hit or miss... atmosphere same as always....

    1. I went there 2 weeks ago, had the ribeye and a side of mushrooms. The ribeye was overcooked, I asked for medium rare, got well done, so I sent it back. The second ribeye was cooked perfectly but was pretty tough, lacked flavor and seasoning. All through dinner I was thinking Black Angus would have been better and cheaper.

      Since they screwed up on the steak, I asked them to take the mushrooms back, my date doesn't like mushrooms, and I wanted a fresh order of mushrooms when the new steak came. I didn't even touch the first plate of mushrooms. I got the same plate of mushrooms and told the server, just take these away. I wasn't going to pay for a cold plate of mushrooms. I explained to them why and after a minutes they did remove the mushrooms.

      I used to go to 555 all the time. Now I'll just make the trip to the Del Rae.

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        Dal Rae would get my vote even if your steak and mushrooms had been fine the first time around.

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          So, what is the best value steak house around these days IYO, maybe Taylor's? I doubt Black Angus makes the cut, ha ha.

        2. The prospector is a good place for a steak. They have good prices good flavor. The specials are always nice.