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Feb 22, 2010 03:04 PM

Savory Sorbets

So I have recently tried making a bunch of savory sorbets, and while the flavors I've been able to come up with are wonderful, I have struggled with the texture. Because they contain no dairy (milk or cream or fat), I tend to be getting rock hard sorbets.... I've tried adding a few tablespoons of vodka or other alcohols, to help with raising the freezing temperature, but at least the amount I have been using, doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Any thoughts?

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  1. I haven't tried it, but I know some recipes use raw egg whites for texture in sorbets.

    1. Are you using a machine or by hand then in the freezer?
      Alcohol usually takes care of the rock hard freezing problem. I don't know what amount you're making, but you need about 3 tablespoons of alcohol per quart to make a difference.

      Anway, check David Lebovitz' link, provided here, for excellent info, hints and tips and troubleshooting for sorbet and ice cream making, plus some great recipes:

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        Thanks for that Lebovitz link. Provides some lesser-known tips along with context for common ones.
        Hadn’t thought (or read) about corn syrup, gelatin or fat in sorbet. While I hesitate to add anything extra to my sorbets, I might experiment with those.

      2. Try using a combination of invert sugar and light corn syrup. I understand the invert sugar changes the way the sugar crystallizes. I made a lime basil sorbet several days ago, and although it's been in the freezer for two days now, it's as smooth as silk. I used the normal sugar syrup mix -- 1:1 sugar to water and then added a scant teaspoon of invert sugar and a little less than 1/4 cup of light corn syrup.

        If you don't have -- or can't make -- actual invert sugar, honey works fine.

        1. How are you stirring the sorbet as it freezes? I've had good success with an immersion blender, provided I do it a couple of times, once as crystals start to form, and later before it becomes too set.

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            Using a sorbetière (Cuisinart ICE-20). But maybe that’s why some of my sorbets are rock hard…
            How’s the texture, with yours?