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Feb 22, 2010 02:56 PM

gluten free pesach products

i have been looking around the stores and haven't seen many products that are gluten free for pesach...a few cakes and cookies, but i was hoping for bread crumbs or other items.

everyone says that pesach is THE holiday for gluten free people, but i haven't been impressed yet. does anyone have any recommendations of products or stores? i live in queens, and we are sephardic, so rice or corn products would be ok.


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  1. Try Supersol, Kissena Farms, or Brachs. Anything that says non gebokts (gebrochts) will be gluten free.

    Go to the JSOR website for Kosher for Pesach products for sephardim .

    Try the following link:

    Go to the following website for additional kosher gluten free info:

    1. last year we bought the gluten free oat matzah AND MADE OUR OWN MATZAH MEAL BUT we bought delicious cakes and cookies from and they had bread crumbs too and we also currently buy from

        1. It's more than a month before Pesach - there will be more products in stores if you wait a couple of weeks.

          1. The original comment has been removed