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gluten free pesach products

peanutgallery7 Feb 22, 2010 02:56 PM

i have been looking around the stores and haven't seen many products that are gluten free for pesach...a few cakes and cookies, but i was hoping for bread crumbs or other items.

everyone says that pesach is THE holiday for gluten free people, but i haven't been impressed yet. does anyone have any recommendations of products or stores? i live in queens, and we are sephardic, so rice or corn products would be ok.


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  1. havdalahclub RE: peanutgallery7 Feb 22, 2010 03:14 PM

    Try Supersol, Kissena Farms, or Brachs. Anything that says non gebokts (gebrochts) will be gluten free.

    Go to the JSOR website for Kosher for Pesach products for sephardim .

    Try the following link:

    Go to the following website for additional kosher gluten free info:

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      meateater RE: peanutgallery7 Feb 23, 2010 07:41 AM

      last year we bought the gluten free oat matzah AND MADE OUR OWN MATZAH MEAL BUT we bought delicious cakes and cookies from http://www.shabtai-gourmet.com and they had bread crumbs too and we also currently buy from http://www.katzglutenfree.com

      1. cherylp3 RE: peanutgallery7 Feb 23, 2010 10:22 AM

        Gluten free matzah distributors:

        For Gluten free info I like

        1. g
          GilaB RE: peanutgallery7 Feb 23, 2010 02:36 PM

          It's more than a month before Pesach - there will be more products in stores if you wait a couple of weeks.

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