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Feb 22, 2010 02:42 PM

iso spot near Markham and Ellesmere

Looking for a spot that is walking distance to 1530 Markham Road where I need to sort out a parking ticket. Is there anything around the courts?

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  1. I have two ideas:

    1) The Real McCoy. Great burgers. A family-owned place that's been around for decades. It's on Markham at Brimorton, just south of Ellesmere. No seating, but there's a counter to stand up at, if that's o.k. with you.

    2) Roti Hut. 351 Pitfield Avenue, which is a little farther away west of Markham and just south of Sheppard. The best doubles, and the rotis are pretty good, too. Lots of seating. Recently renovated, so that it's much fancier in appearance than most roti spots, but it's still cafeteria style ordering.

    1. Go for the Real McCoy. I think you'll like it.


      1. 1530 Markham Rd is not exactly markham/ellesmere. it is at markham/milner. The Real McCoy or Roti Hut are both about 2 km away so its not exactly a quick walk.

        There is a coffee times right across the street on Markham rd. If you go across the street on Milner, there is a Shoeless Joe and a Golden Griddle. if you walk to sheppard (about .5 km) there is Markham Station (greasy diner type food), subway, KFC, a chinese restaurant and a carribean restaurant.

        Do i recommend any of these places? no but they're definitely walking distance.

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          Thank you all. I was using TTC's trip planner and it took several tries before I could figure out the best route out there. I didn't end up going to any of these spots but am intrigued by Real McCoy.