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Feb 22, 2010 02:14 PM

Lebanese!Middle East grocery-greater Miami?

Hi all,
I am looking for an authentic store where I can find a good assortment of nuts, breads, humous, etc that would be a welcome alternative to Publix........any thoughts?.....Thanks in advance

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  1. My favorite is the tiny, but quite friendly and authentic Middle East Best Food at 1711 Coral way (a few doors west of SW 17th Avenue on Coral Way -- north side of the street).

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    1. re: karmalaw

      Thanks...just visited....
      Like:Authentic, & "real thing"
      Disappointed: very limited selection/variety

      Looking forward to trying Tarragon

    2. Daily Bread. Off US-1 in the 20's.

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      1. re: lax2mia

        Daily Bread also has a location off US-1 and 114th-ish. Just had lunch there today. Delicious falafel!

        1. re: jessicam29

          I can vouch for both Daily Bread locations being amazing.

        2. re: lax2mia

          Sincere "thank you" for this input.....quality, authentic, variety,....amazing Halvah (chocolate/marble)......can not wait to return and sample other new items

        3. I'd also throw in Tarragon on US-1 and 67th Avenue (ish). One of the brothers seems to know most every Lebanese in the area. They also make some great babaghanoush and grape leaves.

          1. Middle East Best Food makes its own pita and hummus. It's a great little place and just began serving meals, although it has but one or two tables.

            1. Laurenzo's (164th St and North Dixie Highway) actually has a lot of Middle Eastern ingredients, but not much prepared Middle Eastern food ready for takeout.