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Feb 22, 2010 01:43 PM

Dinner/Drinks around Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

In town for a week and looking for some recommendations from locals! Hard to impress crowd all from New Orleans :) We are able to travel some, but would like to stay somewhat around the hotel!

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  1. When you refer to your crowd as "hard to impress", do they prefer fine dining establishments like Commander's Palace, Arnaud's, Brennan's or hot spots like Patois, Cochon, Stella! ?

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    1. re: GDub

      Any and all of the above! Also, we are looking for some well known hole in the walls, such as if in New Orleans, Juans or Mollys..

      1. re: bluej02

        Definitely 2nd Chatsworth's suggestions. You may also want to check out Nel Centro for Happy Hour.

        1. re: bluej02

          Our "holes in the walls" tend to be carts, and we have many excellent ones.
          Also in that vein: Al Forno Ferruzza, Bunk Sandwiches. Bunk is an easy busride.

          Totally agree with Chatsworth & GDub. Another nearby gem and something you might not find in NO:
          Hot Pot City.

          Have fun. Please report back!

      2. The Veritable Quandary is near the Marriott and their food is consistently good with a local bent. Nice atmosphere, good waitstaff. I'd recommend a reservation there, it's always busy, at least at lunchtime. If you have 10 or so people you could ask for the wine room, which is a nice experience. Otherwise, I'd also suggest the tatami rooms at Murata - fantastic authentic Japanese food (I lived in Japan for 18 months). Higgins is also not far away, and has always been my favourite PacNW restaurant - commitment to quality local ingredients and great dishes. The bar is a bit more casual but still the same great food. Lunchtime is less expensive.

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        1. re: Chatsworth

          EDIT: I should add that the happy hour is 3-6pm, which is a decent span of time to try a lot of different items.

          1. re: hye

            BLARGH, Chowhound confuses me - I meant to write that Carafe is right next to Murata (and both are 3 blocks away from the Marriott). Carafe is the one with a 3-6pm happy hour.

        2. Stayed at the Portland Marriott a couple of years ago and they had one hell of a lobster special of 1-2 pd lobsters, risotto, asparagus for $25 for both of us with 2 huge freshly caught lobsters!
          The food was excellent..

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            LOL..I was thinking the 'other' Portland in Maine..

            1. re: Beach Chick

              That's a relief. Can't imagine anyone eating at the Marriott here, with so many outstanding options nearby.

          2. Thanks for all and keep it coming!! We head out this Sunday and are READY!! :)

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            1. re: bluej02

              Do you want more ideas for places that are not walkable? There are loads more great restaurants, but they will require a car/cab/bus/light rail/trolley -- all easy for most places.

            2. Within walking distance, you might want to check out: Higgins, Heathman, and Davis Street Tavern (a bit longer of a walk). Slightly farther afield, I'd recommend Le Pigeon or Andina. If you're in Chinatown, and want some good noodles, Good Taste is fun. For Pho, check out Silk in the Pearl District.

              For the record, one of my favorite places in the world is Casamento's. I also love Cochon.