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Feb 22, 2010 01:37 PM

Tell me which Concord Area restaurants a Camberville Foodie would like?

I am intentionally posting to the Boston board instead of the New England board, so please do not move my topic!

I want to know which restaurants in the Concord Area are recommended by those that have experienced Boston / Cambridge / Somerville dining.

After years of living in the Somerville / Cambridge area, I am moving to Concord and am dreading the loss of local great food. I am hoping others on this board can suggest to me some places that won't make me feel like I have to drive a 1/2 hr back to my old hood everytime I want a tasty dinner (that I didn't cook myself).

Please note that "good" doesn't have to mean "pricey". In fact, given how poor we will be after having bought our new house, tasty cheap eats will be just what the doctor ordered (but feel free to mention the pricey restaurants too, as an ocassional date night might still be in the budget)! I am paticularly hopeful for cheap ethnic restaurants, as these are some of my favorite in the Boston area. Finnally, please do not feel limited to just the town of Concord, the surounding 15 minute drive area counts as local in my book.

Thank you all sooo much!

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  1. In Bedford, there's Dalya's, which always has something interesting. From Concord Center, go east on 62 into Bedford, then left on 4/225, and Dalya's will be on the left. They have both continental and north-african style specialties in a very pleasant big-old-house space. Their menu is online.

    Across from the Concord Depot is La Provence, eat in or take out, excellent French meals and patisserie. I believe they close fairly early, so it's lunch, or get there early for dinner take-out. They also have a website.

    There are a couple of threads on the Concord area, so do a search.

    1. I've never had any of their prepared meals, but the Concord Cheese Shop is an excellent place for picnic provisions.

      I love Concord -- Allstonian and I were married at the Scout House on Walden Street -- but I'm afraid you may well find it way more sparse than your current surroundings when it comes to quality eats.

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        A good Indian restaurant, Paani, opened up in Sudbury, the next town over. You've got a mediocre Chinese place called Chang An near the train tracks (they've got serviceable Peking Duck and Chicken with Pine Nuts). In Maynard (west on route 2 and south on 27), there is Thai Avenue for decent thai and Little Pusan for suburban Korean. Papa Razzi has a concord location too. Overall though, it's Metro-West, so don't expect at the level of Cambridge/Boston.

        1. re: keith

          Some places we like in the general area:

          Id recommend Woo Jung in Ayer for korean over Little pusan any day. In fact we like it better than the cambridge area korean restaurants we have been to.

          Next to papa razzi is a chinese restaurant downstairs from Sushi House called Asian Gourmet with some very good dishes. We order only off the authentic menu

          West Concord you can get very good/fresh fried seafood to go at Twin Seafood. They close fairly early though, seems its always too late when we think of going.

          In Acton, be sure to visit Idylwildefarms All sorts of fruits/veggies/gourmet foods. You can also get alot of prepared foods, sandwiches, baked goods....

          In the summer you will want to visit Kimball's in westford for ice cream and they also do decent fried seafood.

          1. re: hargau

            A much closer Kimball's minus the seafood is out on Monument Street just over the Carlisle line.

            1. re: cassis

              In the summer for ice cream, I'd give Bedford Farms a try. I think they still have an outpost in Concord. They make their own non chocolate flavors, which are really good, especially their vanilla, and their chocolate based flavors are Richardson's, which is fine.
              by the way, welcome to the 'burbs ISG, I'll miss your Inman reviews!

              1. re: justbeingpolite

                When I worked in Concord we would go over to Kimball's in Carlisle in the summer for lunch. Yes, an ice cream lunch. It's that good and a small size is nearly a pint of ice cream so it really was a lunch for us!

                They make some of the best ice cream in New England. We drive out from Boston on summer weekends because it's worth that trek!

                1. re: crystallyn

                  I drive there from Lexington - it's programmed into my GPS with a heart icon. It's everything an ice cream stand should be - fresh, homemade ice cream, in a laid-back, pastoral setting.

      2. Here are a couple to try. In Maynard there is a place called cast iron kitchen, very interesting menu that we have always enjoyed, I've sent others who said they had a bad time, service-wise but the food was still good.
        In Acton, on 2A there is a strip mall, Nagog Park (just past the intersection of 2A & route 27. There are 3 restaurants in there: Crossroads, great drinks and although a full serivce restaurant that is always busy, we usually sit at the bar and have sandwiches or appys and those great drinks. Couple doors down, IL Forno, Italian food that is very filling with interesting combos, it is a BYOB place which is one of the reasons we love it, at lunch a friend and I can bring a bottle of Prosecco, have a great lunch and spend less than $10 each! We often have big group dinners there as well. Couple more doors down, Daniela's Cantina, mexican. They just moved to this new location from a tiny place on the other side of Acton, I must say things have not yet reached the standards of the old place. Try for lunch first that way you don;t lose too much $$$.
        Lastly: Chelmsford on Route 110 (this is on the way to the Movie theater in Lowell)
        Here's just a list that you can google and these are all great: Tango Cafe, Cafe Madrid,Moonstones and Feng Shui. You also might try the blog of "bistroBroad" who often talks about the greater lowell area. Lowell is also worth an adventure.

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        1. re: momoftwo

          Daniellas??? uggh its like taco bell with drinks. Read some of the reviews here and on yelp about this place!

          1. re: hargau

            I've heard Sakura in Chelmsford is good sushi. In Bedford, the little place opposite the town green, Ginger, is quite good sushi. Farther through Bedford towards 128 is Firebox, new and improving BBQ which got a good write up on Pigtrip. Lester's BBQ in Billerica is also often good. If you're up to Billerica, don't miss Sichuan Gourmet, one of the best sichuan restaurants in the Boston area, and the Pongol, which gets good comments here for their buffet.

            1. re: justbeingpolite

              I've had sushi at Sakura and enjoyed it.

              There's a Japanese steak house in Concord near the prison rotary that I like, but I'm probably just embarassing myself by mentioning it on Chowhound. Waiting for the reply that informs me that it's not even fit for dog food in 3, 2, 1....

              1. re: scratchie

                As long as you're there, why not go into the prison itself. Here's a link about the Fife and Drum, run by the Concord inmates:

              2. re: justbeingpolite

                We also enjoy Sichuan Palace which is in the same plaza as Sakura in Chelmsford. Larger menu and more spacious atmosphere than Sichuan Gourmet but we still love S.G. in Billerica.

                If your heading that way there is also decent thai at Yoong Tong 2.

                Head to Lowell/drum hill area for Pho 88 for Vietnamese (they also have bubble tea). Downtown Lowell has many options as well.

                Many of these are getting beyond the 15min area i think though.

                Atlantic Sea Grille on 2A isnt bad, i only have been once but it was decent, plain jane sit down seafood. Very much preferred over Scupper Jacks which im not a fan of at all.

                1. re: hargau

                  Bubble tea is also available at Asiana Bistro in Bedford and the new Formosa Taipei in Lexington (former Denians) which serves (suprisingly, based on the name ;)) Taiwanese chinese food.

                  1. re: justbeingpolite

                    I like Asiana Bistro for Cantonese food. It is a fusion restaurant but I have had mostly Cantoneses food. Their Thai red curry is also pretty good. Last year my Chinese colleagues had a banquet for Chinese New Year's and it was all very good especially considering it is in the suburbs.

          2. Are you asking about Concord, NH? Because Concord, MA is part of the Boston board, not New England, and has had a number of threads dedicated to it, if you do a search.

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              I meant Concord, MA, but thanks for checking. Most people would tell you "Boston Area" only counts as within the Rt 95 loop, but some try to pretend that anything within Rt495 counts (usually those in the burbs still in denial) :), LOL!

            2. Make sure to check out Verrill Farms for great produce, decent baked goods (including killer scones, especially when they're warm) and above average prepared foods.

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              1. re: Blumie

                I have actually not been to Verrill, how does it compare to idylewilde?

                1. re: hargau

                  Verrill's is the best of many of very, very good farmstands out here in Metrowest.

                  Idylwilde has a better selection as far as a grocery store goes, but Verrill's produce is better.

                  1. re: hargau

                    Verrill's is more "farmstand-like" even though it's expanded and has better to-go foods and baked goods. Idylwild is larger, has been more crowded when I've gone, and feels more like a store.