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"Newer" bistro recommendations for May 2010?

We will be in Paris 12 may-15 may and return 22 may- 25 may. Both times therewill be a holiday. I would like some recommendations for a few newer places and perhaps 2 older ones not to be missed. Prefer a more relaxed atmosphere and superb traditional cuisine.

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  1. OK: Here are the latest by my lights:
    Le 23 Clauzel
    23, rue Clauzel in the 9th (Metro: Trinite)
    Closed Sundays
    Plate of the day = 10, 2-courses = 15 and 3 = 18.50 Euros, other menu is 34 E.

    Chez Grenouille
    52, rue Blanche in the 9th (Metro: Trinite)
    Closed Saturday lunch and Sundays
    Lunch menus at 15 and 25 and a 40 E carte but theyre cool about mix & matching

    15, rue des Fosses Saint-Marcel in the 5th (Metro: St Marcel or Gobelins)
    Closed Sunday and Monday night
    Daily special costing 11, lunch formula 16 and a la carte 35

    Cartouche Cafe
    4, rue de Bercy, 12th (Metro: Cour St Emilion)
    Closed Saturday noon and Sundays
    A la carte about 30

    John Talbott

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        Well I loved it and especially the company, but bistro and Del Burgo don't spring to mind together; for me it's a resto; instead I'd suggest 6.8 Le P'tit Caillou, 2 rue Maleville in the 8th, -, closed weekends and Monday nights, with lunch formulas at 22 (2 courses) and 25 (for 3), a la carte 41-51 E. This is a place for yesterday, today and tmrw.

        John Talbott

        1. re: souphie

          Del Burgo's been out of the game for years now.

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            Souphie, I see you a lot on this board so please recommend restos as well as Bistros, etc.

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              Well then, Del Burgo: Adrienne Chez la Vieille, 37, rue de l'Arbre Sec, 1st, open mon-fri -- see my pics at http://picasaweb.google.fr/ZeJulot/Ad...

          2. re: John Talbott

            Thank you John, I've enjoyed your blog. I am also interested in your recommendations for restos . We will be staying in the 7th (Hotel Ares Eiffel) and between the 5-6th ( Hotel Recamier) Breakfasts near to hotels , but lunch and dinner anywhere. Breakfast , lunch and dinner out. -we would like to have as much info as possible. May I ask your opinion of the Jules Verne ?

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              There is an upbeat Basque place, Au Dernier Metro, near your first hotel. Probably not up to John T & souphie standards, but good food in a high energy environment.

              1. re: Oakglen

                Come on, I've been recommending Au Dernier Métro twice a week for years. On this board. It is awesome and serves throughout the day and is very cheap. Not new by any standard, though.

              2. re: kathleen04

                "May I ask your opinion of the Jules Verne ?"
                You certainly may. I haven't eaten there since Alain took over concept-wise but my tribe has and loved it.
                As for restos my top 10 as of Jan were:
                Ze Kitchen Galerie/KGB
                Le Marcab
                Le 122
                Le Gaigne
                Table 28/Spring/whatever he calls it
                Repaire & Cafe Cartouche
                Lao Lane Xang II
                The Constant Empire

                If you're interested in my better half's - Colette's choices; She has separated them into two groups: A and B (there is some rapport between A and white table clothes and B with more casual, simple food, but she's hesitant to call them that) and her top ten at present are:

                1. Ze Kitchen Galerie
                2. Rech
                3. Petit Marguery
                4. Le Clocher Pereire
                5. Repaire de Cartouche

                1. KGB
                2. Frenchie
                3. Afaria
                4. Le Gaigne
                5. Le Reminet

                Just to update things, more recently I'd have to add Le P'tit Caillou (yesterday), Chez Grenouille, Chez La Vieille as Soup says, l'Agrume, Le Restaurant (the one on the Left not Right Bank) and Bouchon & Assiette. But the Year is Young, more beckon.

                1. re: John Talbott

                  John et al, thank you again for your opinions, it is wonderful to have all these recommendations. I would like to also thank you and all those who post on this site... it's tremendously helpful !!!