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Feb 22, 2010 01:16 PM

Cooking Lessons in DC Area

Newish cook wanting to learn actual techniques in the DC area - I can and do cook but have never been taught proper techniques or skills and think I'd like to learn.

Would like a place that is convenient to downtown DC and is affordable.

Appreciate any recommendations.

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  1. Hill's Kitchen at Eastern Market Metro has regular classes from basics to esoterics

    Leah the owner is very personable

    I just received a more up to date schedule than is on their website

    1. CulinAerie at Thomas Circle (Metro McPherson Square or Farragut North stations) is terrific. They offer a range of technique classes, including a 12 week master class. There are also themes like food and wine pairing or healthy cooking. Their website has a schedule of classes.
      1131 14th Street NW · Washington, DC 20005
      phone: 202.587.5674 ·

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        I just took the knife skills course last night at CulinAerie - really great course! It was the first cooking class I've ever taken, so I don't have much to match it against, but my boyfriend bought it for me as a Living Social (similar to Groupon) deal - and these seem to turn up fairly often in rotation - so that seems to be a good way to make the courses more affordable - because I agree, I looked at some of other classes , and they are EXPENSIVE!

      2. I know you want DC but if you can get out to Gaithersburg, you can volunteer for recreational classes at L'Academie de Cuisine (prep, clean up, help during class) and get a big discount (I think it's half price) for your next class.

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          You can assist at CulinAerie also. Makes a fun evening out, if you enjoy being in a professional kitchen. You help set up and clean up. In return, you get to take the class for free and have dinner with the Chef afterward.

          The classes make great gifts. I took a seafood class with my BF last year for his birthday and loved it.

        2. For convenient to downtown DC, I'd say Culinaerie, Hill's Kitchen, or L'Academie de Cuisine's recreational arm in Bethesda (a short walk from the Bethesda metro stop).

          For affordability, however, I like Cookology in Dulles Town Center. Usually around $49-59 for a class, compared to $85 at Culinaerie, for example.

          1. Thank you all, much appreciated.

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            1. re: pios76

              in Tuesday or Wednesday's (I think) the WaPo posted that there was going to be some free class at a synagogue in far NW this Sunday. can't remember the details or even the topic.

              maybe check their going out guru section. I tried but it was fruitless.