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Feb 22, 2010 01:03 PM

CI 'Best Chewy Brownie' Recipe

Has anyone tried the 'Best Chewy Brownie' recipe from the April 2010 issue of Cook's Illustrated? If so, what did you think?

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  1. It's a really good recipe. They did turn out chewy. The only mod I made was to halve the amount of chocolate pieces that go in at the end because I don't like solid chocolate in brownies much and it was just the right amount for me. I baked in a foil-lined glass pan at the recommended temperature and the edges were perfect. It's definitely worth the fussiness if you like chewy brownies.

      1. I loved it. They were really chewy. It is my new recipe.

        1. I was never a brownie lover, but this recipe makes astoundingly good brownies. I have made the recipe three times in the two weeks since receiving my magazine, and since the first time, my house hasn't been without brownies sitting on the table tempting us to nosh.

          Highly recommendable -- chocolatey, chewy, and with that nice crisp topping that comes from the white sugar.

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            Thanks for the replies. So, are they chewy in the sense that they give some resistance, and are not really soft and dense like fudgy brownies? I actually like the tough, somewhat dry brownies around the edges, and thought these might fit the bill, especially in my Edge pan.

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              Hi TerriL - I also appreciate an almost tough edge to my brownie. I have tried a ton of brownie recipes (including the recipe in the April 2010 Cook's Illustrated), and I find that getting the right texture is heavily dependent on the pan. After a lot of experimentation, my favorite brownie comes from the combination of a mini muffin pan + Ina Garten's Outrageous Brownie recipe. Check out .

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                A search on that link didn't produce a hit, but this one (from a barefoot instead of a high-heeled peeress) might be equivalent:


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                  Have you tried using an Edge pan? They're pretty amazing.


            2. Well, I tried the recipe today, but wasn't thrilled with the results. I think I would have preferred them without the chocolate pieces. I probably should have halved them like rhizomatique did, or left them out entirely. The flavor is good, and the recipe isn't difficult. I may just put them back in the oven to toughen up.