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Restaurants in Breckenridge, CO

Hi All,

I'm headed to Breckenridge with my mom in early March and we're wondering if there are any "not-to-be-missed" meals. I seem to remember a good Mexican place from when I was younger, but I don't even know the name! Any suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated!

PS: My mom has requested that I ask if anyone knows of a nearby comedy club. Anyone?

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  1. Mexican might have been Mi Casa. IMO, best in town is Modis.

    1. may be too late, but i am partial to relish. the chef/owner does a fantastic job and also keeps his prices reasonable for the mountains

      1. Good stuff to know... I've never had even a decent dinner experience in Breck. I'm sure I'm just going to the wrong places, but have never known where the right ones are.

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          breck isn't a great food town. we have a lot of pub-type restaurants.

          i loved cafe alpine.. they were replaced by ember (which i haven't tried..good reports though). i have not tried modis. mi casa has been hit and miss for us. ridge street is very good. a lot of people enjoy hearthstone. it's not bad, i just got bored with their menu pretty quickly. empire burger has good burgers. gianpietro's has good pizza. in frisco, we like hacienda real for mexican. and bagali's does good simple italian

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            I like Modis a lot, but its' been 1+ yrs since I was there.

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              Yeah, I thought Mi Casa on my one visit was mediocre, though the decor was pretty.

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                I'm heading to Breck for 2 days - can you recommend your top 5 or 6 favorite things to eat in town? Could be sandwiches, or a dish at a bar/restaurant, or....anything you think I should try while i'm there? Thanks!

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                I have really liked Hearthstone in Breck. Its been 2 years since I ate there, but in April 2008 they had a great prix fixe 3 course deal - something like 30 bucks including a glass of house red or white, soup or salad, main course, and desert. So good we went back two nights late to try other dishes.
                I'll be there again very start of April, and I'll post about Hearthstone again.

              3. Briar Rose is where we kick off our annual ski trip in Breck. Great service, reasonable wine list. Don't miss the elk medallions and the sausage appetizer.

                1. Since this was the first post that came up when I searched for great restaurants in Breck, I just wanted to update to be sure to include Mountain Flying Fish, where we had the meal of a lifetime.

                  I live in NYC and have been very fortunate to try many of the most famous sushi places in the city, and this one still blew us away.

                  We were lucky enough to be with someone who knew the owner, and ordered an Omakase ("Chef's Choice"). I cannot say enough good things about this place. It's a hidden gem that deserves it's day in the sun.

                  My full review is here if you're curious what we ate: http://nycnomnom.com/2011/06/27/breck...

                  Mountain Flying Fish
                  500 S Main, Breckenridge, CO 80424

                  1. I just got back from a weekend in Breck. On Saturday evening, my wife and I decided to "appetizer-hop" and check out a bunch of places we'd heard good things about. We sat at the bar at each place (except South Ridge, whose bar was full) and had a cocktail or beer and an appetizer or two. Obviously, not exactly a huge amount of data, but we really felt like we got a feel for each place. Here's what we covered:

                    Modis: Started with the best. Excellent sazerac cocktail and apple manhattan, and a knowledgable bartender who was happy to chat. (We asked what Lillet tastes like, and he poured samples for us and himself - interesting. Tastes like ice wine, kinda.) We tried the house olives and the tuna poke, both of which were excellent - the poke was probably the best I've had outside of Hawaii. Great place, will definitely go back.

                    Twist: The Modis bartender suggested we try Twist, a new place on Ridge Street. It bills itself as "high-end comfort food" and the menu has things like 5-onion mac and cheese, lamb meatloaf, etc. The bartender was friendly but the cocktails were pretty pedestrian; I ended up having a Boulevard beer that I'd never seen, and my wife had a fruity martini of some kind (sorry, can't remember the details - wasn't too interesting). But the clam strips were excellent - actually whole clams with bellies (not just strips) and came with a tasty remoulade sauce, much more interesting than tartar sauce. I'm from Maine, and these would've passed muster there. Pork shoulder tacos were also good and only $2 each, though they came in hard shells (I prefer soft corn tortillas, personally). Had great conversations with locals at the bar. I'd go back to Twist as well - not as refined as Modis, but a lot of fun and what we had was tasty.

                    South Ridge Seafood Grill: Right across the street from Twist, this place came highly recommended. I can't say it lived up to the hype for us. The bar was completely full with festive (i.e. loud) locals, which is fine except the tin ceiling seems to amplify noise, making it hard to talk over the din. Our waitress was very friendly, and recommended the PEI mussels in red curry, and a Chimay beer to pair. The mussels were small and not very plump or flavorful, and the sauce was just coconut milk with what tasted like bottled red curry paste. Tasty enough, but something you could make at home without any effort. It came with decent crusty bread for dipping, though, which makes up for a lot in my book. The Chimay pairing was a complete failure for me - the red curry caused the beer to foam in my mouth, so I felt like I was just swallowing foam. I liked the people and the vibe is nice and local, so maybe we need to go back and try dinner, but the level of care in our dish definitely wasn't on par with Modis or Twist.

                    Then we had a setback - Ember (our next stop) was already closed at 9 pm. We forged onward to Mountain Flying Fish, which was full and hopping but the host (possibly an owner?) said that they were closed and hurried us out the door. She said something about it being the last day of the season (?) when we noted that their website says that they're open until 10. So, unfortunately, we didn't get to try what several folks said is the best sushi in Breck. Oh well.

                    At 9:30, most of the restaurants seemed to be closing so we headed to Blue River Bistro, which our hotel had recommended and noted that they have a happy hour until midnight. Nothing on the bar menu looked great to us, so we went for dessert - bread pudding, which I pretty much always love. This was a mediocre one, though - white bread that hadn't been fully soaked in the custard, so the middle was just dry bread, and a too-sweet sauce that didn't taste at all of the promised bourbon. To make up for it, I ordered a manhattan made with Breckenridge Bourbon. The bartender didn't use any bitters, made it with no-name vermouth, and left shards of ice throughout when he poured it from the shaker, which made for a pretty ho-hum cocktail; hard to tell if the bourbon was good or not. My wife had a Moscow Mule, which came in the requisite copper cup and she seemed to enjoy (I'm not really a vodka man myself). They had a duo playing live jazz standards, which always makes a place feel classy (plus they played Wayne Shorter's "Witch Hunt," which is one of my favorite tunes).

                    I have to say that this was one of the most fun evenings I've had recently, even at the less-than-stellar places. We told the bartenders/servers at each place what we were doing, and they all thought it was great and were excited to give us recommendations as to where they'd go next. We also got to meet people sitting at the bars, including the guy who carves the halfpipe at Breck - never knew how that was done!

                    The upshot for us is that we'll definitely be going back to Modis and Twist at some point to try full meals. South Ridge is a maybe, and probably not Blue River. But I feel like we got to know Breck in a pretty neat way.

                    (As a final note, we hit La Francais cafe for breakfast the next morning - excellent pastries and an egg-ham-brie sandwich on fresh baguette, enjoyed sitting right next to the creek. Awesome. The sandwich is $12, but it's half of a full sized baguette - easily enough for two big breakfasts.)

                    113 S. Main Street, Breckenridge, CO 80424

                    Blue River Bistro
                    305 N Main, Breckenridge, CO 80424

                    Mountain Flying Fish
                    500 S Main, Breckenridge, CO 80424

                    South Ridge Seafood Grill
                    PO Box 94, Breckenridge, CO 80424

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                      Glad that Modis is still good. As I wrote earlier, I haven't been there in a while.

                      113 S. Main Street, Breckenridge, CO 80424