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Feb 22, 2010 12:34 PM

Advice needed for BBQ & smoker sales in greater Toronto area.

I need new BBQ eguip. for 2010. I'm looking at a Traeger Lil' Tex or a Weber 2820 for smoking and a mid range gas grill. I've heard that the Traeger is a fine smoker , but falls down when it comes to grilling. I've heard good things about the Weber 18.5" smoker and was wondering if you can grill on them. For a gas BBQ I will buy a Weber or possibly one that Costco offers. Does anyone have a Costco BBQ ? They carry a SS model for $699. IT's Chinese made and I wonder about the guality and performance. Any help on what to buy and where will be appreciated.

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  1. You can grill on the Weber Smoky mountains. The 18.5" is fine for most smoking and average size grilling. The 22.5" is better if you have larger parties in mind, say 10 people or more. But both models are good well controlled smokers, or very hot charcoal grillers.

    I like the looks of the Costco grill, with rotisserie, infra-red grill, and solid double wall construction. They'll take it back if it doesn't work out. But I don't have one, just a Weber kettle and bullet WSM smoker.

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      Thanks, I've had a Ducane 2005 for the last 10 yrs. and it's been a good Q, but it's getting tired. I'm going to rework it into a charcoal grill and take it to our weekend place in Markdale as the body is still rock solid. Good call on Costco return, it's usually easy if you don't like what you bought. Where's the best place to buy the Weber?

    2. It depends what you're looking for and your price range.

      The Weber Smoky Mountain is a fine smoker, seconding what has been mentioned on it.

      I see you listed wanting a gas grill. I'm assuming that's for cooking speed and not wanting to wait on charcoal?

      The Traeger pellets can get a bit costly I think, and I've heard once in a while of some feeding problems I think.

      Rather than shell out for both a smoker and a gas grill, why not get a good charcoal grill and a propane torch to light it when you want fast grilling? You can get a propane torch at any hardware store and makes a great lump charcoal lighter.

      If I was recommending a "one grill for all things", I'd recommend a ceramic grill. The Big Green Egg (size large) would be a great grill that could be used year-round (the ceramic insulates) for low and slow overnight bbq, or heat it up to 600-700 degrees to even do a brick oven style pizza.

      If cost was not an object, I'd buy one from and order one of his. It is simply the best grill in the world (Chris Lilly is now promoting them) and the owner is second to none in customer service. However, that will set you back greater than $3k but last a lifetime.

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        Yes, we both work long days and don't get home till 6PM so guick , no worries heat is important on weekdays for grilling. I want to do both for under $1500 all in. I admit the Egg looks sweet buts its not in the budget. I don't grill much up here in winter as we tend to hang around the wood stove and kitchen cook. I like the propane torch idea though .Thats a keeper. Thanks.

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          You can get a Big Green Egg in size large for around $700 I think (especially if you do an Egg-fest). Therefore, it should meet your budget fine. Just google "Big Green Egg".

          The KomodoKamado is just a much improved version of a ceramic grill which uses actual refractory kiln materials with a significantly higher cost (nicer construction, stainless, spring hinge for self-opening, no bands to worry about tightning, ability to have a rotisserie, choose your tile color, etc.).

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            i would recomend the BGE as well. I have owned the weber kettle and the bullet and now have an the Egg as well. As noted by others the bullet works well as both a smoker and a grill. The problem that i had with it is that it is is not efficient. It requires a lot of charoal briquets to do "low and slow". In addition, i found it impossible to use in colder or winter weather. The Egg can be used year round for smoking or grilling, is very efficient and uses lump charcoal. The large size Egg with accessories is likely within your budget. Ontario Gas Barbecue has the best selection of bbques in the GTA. They are knowlegible and helpful. You might want to check them out before you make your final decision. If you prefer to have both gas and charcoal then a $1000.00 Napoleon or Weber grill along with the Weber Kettle may be another option for you.

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              After owning countless bbq's I can say without any hesitation that the BGE is the way to go. It really is unmatched for quality and flavour. I have smoked, seared and even baked on it. It is very versatile and did I mention flavour.