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Feb 22, 2010 12:15 PM

Lunch for a group near America's Center? (St. Louis)

Any suggestions on good places near the America's Center (within walking distance) for a group of 15 people or so, at lunchtime on a Saturday in April? Any type of food is fine, inexpensive to moderately priced; I'm a little concerned about getting that many seats together in a place quiet enough that we can actually hear each other talk, any recommendations would be much appreciated.

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  1. This place was always real good. It has been a while since I have been there. It is right around the corner on Broadway. Nice, quiet, moderate priced. (Italian)



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      That looks perfect-- except their website indicates they're not open for lunch on Saturdays. :-(

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        Bummer sorry. I did not think about the Saturday part. I will check and repost for you.


    2. Here are some suggestioins. I have not been to these places so I cannot vouch for sure. I did check them for Saturday lunch though.




      I will post more as they come.


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        Mango looks tasty, and appears to have some sort of group room; it would be nice to hear if anyone's been there.

      2. This place also. Menu looks good and they have a "side room" for groups also.


        1. Wow, thanks very much! I'm very glad to have some options!

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            Your very welcome. Glad I could help. I have seen some good comments on Mango-

            <<And, interestingly enough, the Peruvian restaurant(s) Mango have a couple of dishes built on spaghetti with pesto.

            Yes, I had a pesto dish the only time we've been to Mango and it was quite tasty.

            <<Mango (both locations) has excellent ceviche.

            The Ceviche de Pescado is tilapia only, the Ceviche Mixto adds mussels and shrimp. Both are served as appetizers.

            http://mangoperu.com/menu.html >>

            Couple of mixed reviews here but mainly good.



          2. A downtown favorite of mine: a restaurant called "6th And Lucas" on the corner of 6th And Lucas with a website called http://www.6thandlucas.com/

            It serves lunch on Saturdays, and unless there is a sporting event at the nearby Dome, it is typically quiet.