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Lunch for a group near America's Center? (St. Louis)

Any suggestions on good places near the America's Center (within walking distance) for a group of 15 people or so, at lunchtime on a Saturday in April? Any type of food is fine, inexpensive to moderately priced; I'm a little concerned about getting that many seats together in a place quiet enough that we can actually hear each other talk, any recommendations would be much appreciated.

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  1. This place was always real good. It has been a while since I have been there. It is right around the corner on Broadway. Nice, quiet, moderate priced. (Italian)



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      That looks perfect-- except their website indicates they're not open for lunch on Saturdays. :-(

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        Bummer sorry. I did not think about the Saturday part. I will check and repost for you.


    2. Here are some suggestioins. I have not been to these places so I cannot vouch for sure. I did check them for Saturday lunch though.




      I will post more as they come.


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        Mango looks tasty, and appears to have some sort of group room; it would be nice to hear if anyone's been there.

      2. This place also. Menu looks good and they have a "side room" for groups also.


        1. Wow, thanks very much! I'm very glad to have some options!

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            Your very welcome. Glad I could help. I have seen some good comments on Mango-

            <<And, interestingly enough, the Peruvian restaurant(s) Mango have a couple of dishes built on spaghetti with pesto.

            Yes, I had a pesto dish the only time we've been to Mango and it was quite tasty.

            <<Mango (both locations) has excellent ceviche.

            The Ceviche de Pescado is tilapia only, the Ceviche Mixto adds mussels and shrimp. Both are served as appetizers.

            http://mangoperu.com/menu.html >>

            Couple of mixed reviews here but mainly good.



          2. A downtown favorite of mine: a restaurant called "6th And Lucas" on the corner of 6th And Lucas with a website called http://www.6thandlucas.com/

            It serves lunch on Saturdays, and unless there is a sporting event at the nearby Dome, it is typically quiet.

            1. Thanks to everyone who replied! We went to Mango Peruvian for our group lunch. I thought the food was good, and reasonably authentic (as far as I can remember from working in Peru ca. 15 years ago). I should have asked for the group room, though-- our large conference pretty much overwhelmed the area restaurants, and the main room was fairly loud (as was every other place I tried in 5 days there) . The lunch menu is definitely intended for sedentary office workers; people with a mid-to-larger appetite should stick to the dinner options, which are priced about the same but include a bit more bulk. The staff was nice enough to split the check for our large party, which was much appreciated.

              The vast majority of restaurants near the conference center fall on the bar/restaurant end of the spectrum. I tried the Dubliner (OK as long as you stick to the Irish-ish pub food they advertise, but avoid things like gyros salad). Hunan Manor had old-school 1970s Chinese food (crab Rangoon, egg foo young, etc) and was also OK. Mosaic had pretty good food, although their "tapas" didn't seem particularly Spanish to me; I also thought their "market style" concept (ie. the kitchen just sends stuff out in any order they feel like) was silly, and would have led to social awkwardness for people who weren't sharing all the dishes they ordered. Sen Thai and Wasabi were both fine if not very memorable food-wise; they were among the quietest places we visited and had friendly staff. Culinaria was a good place to buy breakfast food to take back to the hotel. My favorite place doesn't seem to come up on any maps; a little, inexpensive breakfast-and-lunch spot on 6th and Olive (I think?) with egg dishes, sandwiches and salads.

              Hunan Manor
              606 Pine St, Saint Louis, MO 63101