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Feb 22, 2010 12:14 PM

Turkish Kitchen in Oakland Uptown

No relation to the one in Berkeley, at least the menu's not similar at all. Anybody tried it?

325 19th Street, (510) 835-2472‎

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  1. Yes, I've been there for lunch a few times. I work nearby. It's a small place with only a few bench seats. I once had a dish with chicken, sauce and bread baked all together, which I liked quite a lot. It was called something like Chicken Beatey, but I don't remember exactly. I once went with a Turkish friend who recognized the owner from the Berkeley restaurant (which I've never been to), so I guess they are related.

    1. I was excited to see that this place had opened up. I'm not too experienced regarding Turkish food, but recently had Iskender Kebap at Alaturca (In SF tenderloin) which blew me away.

      Sad to say the Iskender Kebap at Turkish Kitchen is really not very good. The bread (lavash) was soggy and flabby, the meat (lamb and beef doner) was dried out and not very flavorful and the tomato/butter sauce was tasty but maybe overly rich. I'm rarely one to not finish my plate but I could only eat half of this. Not because it was too much food, it was making me feel ill.

      Perhaps I just ordered the wrong item. I didn't see them slicing my doner from the spit after I ordered. I'm guessing the dish was pre-prepared and they just reheated it. At 2PM on a weekday afternoon maybe they don't have the traffic to roast the doner to order (although a downtown Oakland resto should be at its busiest on weekday lunchtime).

      I also tried the Klymali Borek appetizer (Baked phyllo dough filled with ground beef, green pepper, onion, spices). It was mostly phyllo with very little filling. I wouldn't order it again.

      I can't vouch for the rest of the items on the menu. In fact some of them sound rather intriguing (Kisir - Bulgur wheat mixed with green onion, parsley, pepper paste, lemon juice, and olive oil). I'd like to try them out, but after my first visit I'm in no rush to go back. If anyone else finds good things to order from here I'd like to hear about it.

      The dish Martin had was probably Chicken Beyti (Chicken doner wrapped in lavash and baked. Topped with tomoto and tahini sauce.)

      1. Closed. Replaced by Looney's BBQ.