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Feb 22, 2010 12:13 PM

Pairing for Tuna Tartare?

Anyone have a good wine pairing for tuna tartare? It will be asian style which includes some soy sauce, but it will not be spicy.


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  1. Rose Champagne (or bubbly) is probably my favorite.

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      1. I cannot argue against a Rosé sparkler, but have to admit that I am partial to PN in a bit bigger way. I also like some of the Central Coast Syrahs with my ahi. I probably do more still versions of PH, and Syrah, but sparklers are wonderful too, especially if there is some heat.

        I've mentioned it in other thread, but some years ago, we did a tasting with Chef Mark Miller. IIRC, we did six Asian dishes from around the continent - totally different preps. Along with those, we did six beers/wines. All were OK, but the hands-down winner was a Brut Rosé, and it was the number 1 in 5 of the 6 dishes, and then second in that last to a Riesling.

        Never discount a Brut Rosé, especially with any Asian-influenced dish.



        1. Sorry to go tangental here, but you might consider pairing with a good grade of saké, such as a junmai-shu. Or, if the tuna is on the fatty side, a more aromatic ginjo-shu.

          1. Because of the soy element my first pick would be fino or manzanilla sherry.