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Feb 22, 2010 11:42 AM

Cookware in DF / Mexico City

Anyone recommend a decent cookware store or market in Mexico City.. perhaps some place that might carry interesting copper or earthenware pieces. I will be staying near the Zona Rosa, but am somewhat mobile..

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  1. I'm suspecting that Mercado La Merced, and the environs bordering it, are where you will lhave the most success locating what you're looking for. You can easily reach La Merced by using the Metro (Linea 1), boardiing at the Insurgentes (Zona Rosa) station and getting out at La Merced (the market has it's own station). I suggest visiting La Merced Monday > Friday, and not on the weekend - because weekend crowds can be overwhelming. In addition to the widest variety of foodstuffs, there are sections where cookware is sold. Outside of the market, on the surrounding streets, there are businesses which also sell cookware.

    1. Mercado de Sonora has the earthenware ollas etc, the mercado de artesanias de la Ciudadela, near metro Balderas, has copper things.

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        My experience has been that Mercado Sonora sells the cheap, tacky household items and that what you find at La Merced is for both commercial and serious kitchen use - with some everyday used things tossed-in for good measure. Sonora is a place for the shaman and other such supplies, for illegal trade in animals, sale of house pets and for some food items as well - oh, and for toys (on the streets adjacent). The Ciudadela market, from what I see, is mostly touristy things - pretty to look at but not so useful for everyday use.

      2. There is an honest-to-god cookware store in Polanco. IIRC it's on Mayresk (sp?), set back from the street a ways, I'm sorry I don't remember the name or the cross streets. There was a small parking lot in front of it. It's pricy, but the wares are the real deal. It also had baking supplies.

        I was in it a couple of years ago. It's very upscale, probably on par with William-Sonoma in the U.S.

        1. In the interests of research, I'll have a look around Mercado San Juan this weekend. It's on Ernesto Pugibet.

          1. We use clay pots to cook at our restaurant. The ones sold at Sonora Market are quite suitable for professional use, though ALL do eventually give up the ghost.

            On a side note, none of the stands give out fiscal receipts (one stand does, but minimum purchase is 5K pesos) so I have to go all the way to Metepec (near Toluca) to be able to get a "factura" :P

            Edit: I forgot to add, No earthenware is available at the Merced.