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Feb 22, 2010 11:38 AM

Pastured eggs, Santa Clara County

I'm looking for pastured eggs around San Jose/Campbell and part-way up the peninsula. I went to the Campbell farmers market this weekend and looked for pastured eggs, but the only seller was Olivera and he didn't have any. I did a quick check and it seems like they might be sold at the Mountain View farmers market, but I just haven't had time to check it out yet, so if anyone knows of a place, that'd be really helpful. Any other suggestions for shops would be great too.

With all the different labels on a carton of eggs these days, it's really difficult to decipher what they all mean. Since I've never had pastured eggs (and I hear they are really eggy), I'd like to give them a whirl and see what I've been missing.

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  1. Reesie,
    I could not add the link, but here is an item from a prior article on organic food. It is in Palo Alto. Don't know if that is too far for you.

    Hello - I have a small local hobby farm near Stanford and the Palo Alto area. I sell my duck eggs locally. I dont have large quantities and do have people that really love duck eggs so they do go fast. If you are looking for a duck egg source I would be happy to put you on the list. I also have chicken eggs from my banties - so they are small but both are delicious - you can certainly taste the difference between our eggs and store bought . My girls are fed flax meal daily - rich in Omega 3,6 fatty acids for heart health. You may contact me at (650)949-1619.
    $5 per dozen for duck eggs and $3 per dozen for the chicken eggs.
    Thanks so much. Rose Hill Farm

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      Wow, thanks this is very helpful! I work up in Palo Alto, so it would be perfect to contact them and pick up here on my way home.

      1. re: reesie

        reesie, I'd love to hear more about how the purchase process and product works for you, as i was intrigued by this posting as well. These may not be pastured but it's always worth seeking out local suppliers.

    2. Here's the link for TLC that sells at the Sunday Mountain View market.
      When supply picks up as the weather warms, you'll be able to buy the eggs at selected stores as well.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Thanks Melanie. I will be checking out the Mtn View market this weekend, so it's good to know they have them there.

        1. re: reesie

          You might want to check with the farm first to be sure they'll be there if you're making a special trip. According to the twitter feed, a vacation is coming up soon.

        2. re: Melanie Wong

          I checked out the three egg sellers at the Mtn View market yesterday and ended up getting some from the woman that maigre mentions below. Other than TLC, there was a third egg vendor, but TLC and the woman I bought from had photos of their chickens roaming in fields and I liked them better than the third. I should have taken better notes on all of this! Ha.

          Thanks again for your help!

          1. re: reesie

            That third vendor is Judy's or whatever the outfit is called. Their eggs are of the more industrial "free range" style, at least the ones they advertise as being that, so they're not pastured.

            1. re: maigre

              I read up a bit on this third vendor.

              Petaluma Farms has decided to break up their brand into separate, smaller brands to appeal to a wider audience (and those who may be ignorant that the eggs are coming from a factory farm). They are also marketed as:

              1) Judy's Family Farm, which sells Judy's Organic Eggs
              2) Rock Island
              3) Uncle Eddie's
              4) Gold Circle



              I was turned off at the Petaluma stand because, when I walked up to the stand, the woman yelled out to me, "Hey, what kind of eggs do you like, brown or white?" which was really how I would differentiate between eggs. When I asked her if she had any pastured chicken eggs, she said that they were all "free-range" and that was better than pastured.

              My, oh my.

              An educated consumer is apparently her enemy.

        3. There's another vendor besides TLC at the Mountain View market that sells pastured eggs. If you walk in the entrance on the Castro St. side of the market and stay in the right "aisle," you'll find her on the left, not too far from the entrance, before you hit the "corner" where Swank is. She has eggs and a couple of other things. She'll show you pictures of the chickens and tell you how they live. You can buy whatever quantity you like. I get most of my eggs there, though once in awhile, I'll get them from TLC.

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          1. re: maigre

            Thanks maigre, this is very helpful! I will be at the Mtn View market this weekend, and will be sure to check out this vendor. Thanks for the detailed directions on where they are located too. I am often so overwhelmed at the MV market that I tend to stick to the smaller ones that have less vendors.

            1. re: maigre

              Oh, thanks again for this tip! I went to the market with some friends who live in Mtn View and they suggested this same egg vendor (they usually buy all their eggs from her as well). I cracked one open as soon as I got home and it was really fresh and tasty. I like that she lets you buy whatever quantity you want and that she has photos of the farm with the chicken wandering around on the grass.

              Thanks so much for the directions too! They were spot on.

              1. re: reesie

                Glad that worked out for you. If anyone takes note of the vendor's name or whether she sells at other farmers mkts, pls post here.

                1. re: reesie

                  Thanks for following up. I'm happy this went well. I bought some there yesterday, myself.

                  I'll ask her if she sells anywhere else. Her name might be Lucy, but I'm not at all sure about that. I'll report back on this.

              2. Hi, I've just come across this post from way back. I'm in Campbell too and I really miss "proper" pastured eggs. I used to get them down in Santa Barbara, and can really taste the difference between supermarket free range and pastured from little farms full of scritch scratchy happy hens. Anyone got any suggestions where I might be able to go?

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                1. re: Sayurijg

                  Black Hen Farm in Santa Cruz sells at the Los Gatos and Willow Glen farmers markets. The chickens are rescue birds. I haven't tasted them, so can't offer a personal rec, but maybe someone else has.