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Feb 22, 2010 11:36 AM

Kid friendly lunch spots in New Haven

My wife is taking my 5 year old daughter to a play at the Schubert in New Haven next month and was wondering about places for lunch in the neighborhood. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. I would ask what you mean by kid friendly? Almost everything I have experienced so far I would say would be fine for lunch. You may not find specific child's menus but you can always order them appetizers or side dishes, like pasta.

    Take her to Barcelona or Ibiza where they have tapas. I think "small plates" would be perfect! Both are very close. Scoozi, a little farther away is another idea. About two blocks away

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    1. re: meatzaaa

      Thanks for he tips. Let me rephrase my post. Instead of kid friendly let me say "Whee is a noce place to take a five year old to lunch near the Schubert heater in New Haven.'

      1. re: kwhitehead

        My advice wouldn't change much. There's Prime 16, a high-end burger joint around the corner.

    2. without knowing how picky your daughter is, my 6 y/o will not eat anything from Ibiza, unlike his dad. Take her to BAR for some pizza. What 5y/o doesn't like pizza.

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        Wow, my last post is grim. I really can spell. I was just in a hurry.

        She's a huge fan of Modern so Bar may be a good choice.

        1. re: kwhitehead

          Bar is VERY kid friendly. So long as you escape before it transitions into the nightclub that it becomes.

          Also, excellent house brewed beer.

          1. re: LorenV

            I've brought my 6y/o there and he enjoyed the problems from the patrons.