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Feb 22, 2010 11:30 AM

BBQ Sauce?

What is a good store bought BBQ sauce?

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  1. Tried a search to help but then found a list of topics right below your post. Here are two with a larger number of replies:

    Personally, I like Stubbs, Woody's Cook-in Sauce, and Bone Suckin' Sauce. KC Masterpiece if I'm stuck.

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    1. re: Midlife

      i second Stubbs. it has a thinner consistency than most, which i like.

    2. If you can find it...Ken's Cannonball Barbecue Sauce has the right amount of zip for me. the same company makes Sweet Baby Ray's as well.

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      1. re: fourunder

        Can you tell me where I can get the Cannonball because I think it is the best sauce ever but I cant get my hands on any.

        1. re: m_duggan84

          In my area of Northern new jersey, it is available at The Restaurant Depot, a offshoot of Jetro Cash & Carry.

      2. Sweet Baby Ray's is the go-to in our house for store bought.

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        1. re: elfcook

          The Hickory Brown Sugar version is the best. I just picked up 6 bottles while I was down yonder.


        2. Depending on your tastes, the only one I buy is this one because it's not sugary/too sweet and I like the flavor: