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BBQ Sauce?

What is a good store bought BBQ sauce?

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  1. Tried a search to help but then found a list of topics right below your post. Here are two with a larger number of replies:


    Personally, I like Stubbs, Woody's Cook-in Sauce, and Bone Suckin' Sauce. KC Masterpiece if I'm stuck.

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      i second Stubbs. it has a thinner consistency than most, which i like.

    2. If you can find it...Ken's Cannonball Barbecue Sauce has the right amount of zip for me. the same company makes Sweet Baby Ray's as well.



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        Can you tell me where I can get the Cannonball because I think it is the best sauce ever but I cant get my hands on any.

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          In my area of Northern new jersey, it is available at The Restaurant Depot, a offshoot of Jetro Cash & Carry.



      2. Sweet Baby Ray's is the go-to in our house for store bought.

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          The Hickory Brown Sugar version is the best. I just picked up 6 bottles while I was down yonder.


        2. Depending on your tastes, the only one I buy is this one because it's not sugary/too sweet and I like the flavor:


            1. I like a combination: about two parts of K.C. Masterpiece and 1 part Alligator Bayou (mail order from any outlet in New Orleans). You might want to experiment with the Alligator Bayou since is has quite a bit of heat.

              1. Cooks' Illustrated did a taste test recently. They liked Stubbs' and so do I.

                1. I like Bullseye pretty well, and KC Masterpiece.

                  Stubbs, huh? I'll have to try some.

                  1. Stubbs. I miss eating there when I lived in Austin. Luckily the sauces and marinades are pretty easy to find here in Charlotte.

                    1. roadhouse. Available in some parts of the country at markets too.4 flavors.

                        1. Like others have said, Stubbs is the best out of the bottle that I've tried. Spice, sweetness, and thickness are perfect for a bottled sauce.

                          If you want to doctor up a sauce, Sweet Baby Ray's is a good canvas to play around with. I like to thin it with apple cider vinegar and add sauteed garlic and chipotle.

                          1. SWEET BABY RAYS.ALL FLAVORS ARE PRETTY GOOD.

                              1. According to Consumers Reports......Very Good and Good: