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Cocktail challenge - A drink that ties in with author Ayn Rand

OK Hounds,

You're a literate and experienced bunch.

I'm wracking my brain and am not finding my muse.

We are having a "This Day in History" potluck with friends and I need a concoction that ties in with author Ayn Rand in some way. The party is on 6 March and that is the day she died.

The group gravitates towards "up" drinks: Martini, Cable Car, Manhattan...

Please do Ms. Rand proud and help me with a cocktail that Dagny Taggart might imbibe.

Something vintage and classy...If the name ties in with something from "Atlas Shrugged", double-bonus points will be awarded.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Don't bring a cocktail, make pasta with your Atlas pastamaker!

    OK sorry. You could do something simple like a lemon drop with "shrugger" (sugar) on the rim. Any cocktail with "shrugger". When in doubt, go for the groaner pun.

    If you could get ahold of an absinthe fountain you could serve absinthe out of a fountainhead with a cube of shrugger. Now you know why I don't have many friends.

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      And I DO have an Atlas...!

      Alas, my wife is in charge of entree (a tie-in with the Dred Scott decision)...so that's covered.

      I have dessert...poppy-seed cake for Georgia O'Keefe and cocktails.

      I'm SURE that my dear wife won't have a problem with absinthe...it even turns the color of Rearden Metal!

      Any others?

      Believe me...we have often stretched the bounds of reality when reaching for these tie-ins!

      1. re: ScubaSteve

        Now that is an unpromising drink, if I've ever seen one.

        1. Just pour everyone shots of overpriced vodka. Rand would surely appreciate that. Nothing but rapacious capitalism at work.

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              That sounds like a very good cocktail. I might either try to go for a dry rum to keep it from getting too sweet, or use a bit of acid.

              1. re: roundfigure

                Outstanding...I searched "Atlas" on the wrong cocktail website! I think I'll go this way!

                As Ecustard recommends, however, my imbibers will have to withstand my interminable monologue!

              2. How about Kir Royales (Creme de Cassis and Champagne), paired with a rambling 60-page monologue. Creme de Cassis, invented by monks, was thought to cure wretchedness. Now there's a pairing....

                1. Vodka and warm bitter lemon...

                  Then again, I was wondering why should I be altruistic and help with your quest?

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                  1. re: MDBBQFiend

                    I will pay you back in kind when you need my expertise.

                    Cannot remit in gold, but can remit in wisdom and opinions.

                  2. Go full Galt: Hide all the booze and tell your guests they don't deserve any.

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                    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                      BINGO!! A most excellent response in true accord with Ayn Rand's "philosophy" of Objectivism.

                      Whatever drink you do select, call it an "Objectivist straight up."

                      1. re: BobB

                        Her work certainly inspires opinions!

                        1. re: Monch

                          Bored exasperation, certainly. Her "philosophy" is very appealing to an adolescent intellectual but ludicrously simplistic to an adult reader.

                      2. Make a batch of "Howard Roark" cocktails. Pour only the best, most expensive distillates over hand-cracked pure ice and strain into crystal clear glasses. Once all of your drinks are made, and your guests start to admire them, smash all the glasses in a fit of impotent rage, because no one can truly appreciate your selfish brilliance but you!

                        1. How about, Go out and buy some Moonshine somewhere that was distilled in an environment free of government regulation, and serve them that.
                          I have never read the book, I only assume from what i've heard that this is one of the major themes.

                          1. She loved milk-I say WHITE RUSSIAN : )

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                            1. the quintessential working guys' boilermaker.