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Feb 22, 2010 10:44 AM

Looking for a great birthday cake bakery near Cranston, Rhode Island

My sister and I both live in NYC and are planning a surprise party for my Dad's 70th birthday in Cranston, RI. To accommodate lots of opinions in our family, we have ended up at that Cranston stalwart, Twin Oaks. I haven't asked the restaurant about a birthday cake, but would prefer to order one locally near Cranston. I'm thinking about something chocolate without too many bells and whistles. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Do you mean NYC "near" or Rhode Island "near"?

    If "near" includes Providence, we always opt for Lasalle Bakery.

    However, in full disclosure Lasalle is within walking distance of my house and hence is near under anyone's definition of the word.

    But in fuller disclosure, I regularly drive as far as Tiverton and Little Compton (gasp) for ingredients I find to be superior, so if Lasalle wasn't up to snuff I would shun it like a red-headed step child.

    1. Thanks. Have you heard about a Corby Cake and Cookie Company in Cranston? I've just been on their website and it looks like a custom cake baking operation.

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        If you are going to head to the Mt.Pleasant/Elmhurst neighboorhood skip LaSalle (way over-priced and way over-rated) and head to DeLuise Bakery a few minutes away, They do the best chocolate birthday cakes at very reasonable prices.

        According to RI MONTHLY, the 'best chocolate cake' is found at Chelo's - and there's one not too far from Twin Oaks.

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          Please do the right thing! Awsome Sweets Central Ave. Pawtuket.. About 10 cakes and never been disappointed. Awsome is the operative word.

        2. I'd go with Greg's (there's one in Warwick right off of Rte 37). Or Chelo's in Garden City. If you wanted to drive a little further, Scialo Bakery on Federal Hill has great cakes! Or Antonio's Bakery on West Shore Rd in Warwick.

          1. if you are interested in going a different route, there's a place that just opened in Cranston that does gourmet cupcakes. They do towers for birthdays. I haven't personally tried it but I've heard great things. The Cupcakerie, in the Edgewood neighborhood of Cranston.

            1. Pastiche is a great pastry place on Federal Hill. I have very fond memories of going there as a kid. Then my family left RI. When I came back, I stumbled upon it by accident and had one of those heart-skips-a-beat-with-joy moments when I realized what I'd found.