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Feb 22, 2010 10:38 AM

From Logan to Cape Cod, dinner suggestions?

I fly into Logan tomorrow at 6 and want to treat my friend (who is picking me up) to dinner somewhere along Route 3. Any cuisines any price range but casual please and preferably not a 2+ hour dining experience. Your suggestions are most welcome. No chains please, Indian, ethnic are cool and really close off the Rt. 3 ramp. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Soltice in Kingston is close to Exit 10 on Rte 3 and food is quite good. Take a right off the exit onto 3A South and it's on the right a little less than one mile. It's not T-shirt casual, but you won't feel out of place otherwise.

    1. I'd do Chinatown right alongside the expressway.

      1. El Serape Weymouth. Mexican food. Fun, casual and different.

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          That's an interesting post wohord. I wasn't aware that authentic Mexican was available south of Boston. I've always had troble finding decent stops on the back to the Cape. I'll ad this to my try list.Thanks.

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            I posted under Yummy and Restful. I thought the fact I was reviewing would show the restaurant. My apologies.

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              It's a must try C.C.G. And in my haste I spelled it wrong, it is El Sarape, and it is in Braintree, but it is easy to find. The marguritas are excellent, great service and the food is really good. It can be a bit tight in the dining room, but the price is right, and the atmosphere is casual. The grilled shrimp on a bed of potatoes is worth the trip!