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Feb 22, 2010 09:52 AM

6-in-1 canned tomatoes?

Hi - i'm trying to find some 6-in-1 canned tomatoes in or around the GTA. I've found 2 different products online:

I can't seem to find either in stores or anywhere online that ships to Canada. Has anyone else had any luck finding these tomatoes? FYI, I'm trying to recreate some dishes I had on a recent Chicago trip including Chicago-style deep dish pizza and the research I've done says these are the tomatoes to get. The sauce really made those pizzas

Thanks for any help

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  1. You'd go broke on shipping a load of cans. Personally, I think the "peel' thing is hype. I've experimented with San Marzano types(imports and domestic) and found the addition of hyper-concentrated Italian tomato paste gets close to what you're after. Some of the "whole" canned tomatoes can be a bit bitter, flavor notwithstanding. They may be around but I've never seen this type outside the eastern US.

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      The 'bitter' taste (in the whole canned ones) you speak of are probably due to the seeds that are still there. some strain the seeds out at some point of their cooking process.

    2. If it's the lack of peeling that makes the difference, try Eden Organic. Their diced tomatoes come unpeeled (not sure about the other varieties).

      1. Eden Organic is good, but not as sweet as Unico San Marzano type, or Costco's San Marzano. I've recently tried all three, and I prefer the Costco can, except that is as big as four of the Unico's or Eden. The Eden is pricey, about $3 at Loblaw. The other two are peeled, and cost about $1 per 28oz.

        1. There's a really good selection of canned tomato products at Seafood Depot (Seacore) on Aviva Park in Woodbridge. However, I have never checked for these.

          1. i'm always glad to find a year old thread and bump it, so i ask, any luck finding these tomatoes in town? any results on a comparable toronto substitute?

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              sadly no luck finding 6-in-1 tomatoes. i thought about ordering some but of course the shipping kills you. i ended up just using pastene san marzano tomatoes. i'm heading to the US in a few weeks, maybe i'll shop around and see if i can find some 6-in-1s for a taste test