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Feb 22, 2010 09:44 AM

Pureeing Cauliflower

I usually use my food processor to puree cauliflower (to make "mashed potatoes") but my processor is not working. Can I use the immersion blender? I don't add alot of water to the pot, so I'm wondering (since I haven't used the immersion blender very much) if I need a lot of water to use the immersion blender?
Also, does the bottom of immersion stick actually touch the bottom of the pot, or kind of float around?

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  1. You can definitely use it. You don't need much water but you can add it as necessary to create the thickness you want.

    1. Just be careful to have the blades underneath the food. Otherwise, it will spray food all over the place! Tilt the pan to make it deeper.

      1. Do yourself a favor and chop the cauliflower up as finely as you can, either before or after cooking it. If you have a deeper, narrower container, it will be easier. The motor is not as strong as that of a processor or regular blender. If the immersion blender isn't doing the job too well, you might need to make it soupier and then reheat the puree to reduce it. The stick does touch the bottom of the container, although you can move it around and up and down as long as you keep the blades submerged.

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          The motor on my immersion blender is stronger than on my food processor. If you're cooking them enough to make cauliflower mash, I don't think you'll have any trouble with burning out the motor-- I haven't.

        2. Do you have a food mill?

          1. It might be easier just to drain the cauliflower and use a fork or potato masher to mash the heck out of it. Of course the texture will be much coarser.

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              I with you on the potato masher.....the thought of using a food processor or immersion blender had never crossed my mind to try......seems to me pureed cauliflower wood be too much like baby food. I guess when I make the side dish, I must cook the vegetable more than most. I never find it coarse myself.

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                I really like the texture of cauliflower mashed with a potato masher (or fork)