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Feb 22, 2010 09:35 AM

Looking for a great cupcake place in Chicago!

I am going to be visiting chicago in a few weeks and i LOVE cupcakes and would love to visit a great one. Molly's cupcakes looks great to me based on their website. Can anyone give me any reccomendations of places to try?? THANKS!!!!!!

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  1. Check out this HUGE discussion:

    Best Cupcakes in Town? -

      1. re: erisgrrrl

        Yuck - possibly the worst bakery in Chicagoland.

        1. re: nsxtasy

          I disagree. I have never had anthing but the BEST cupcakes ever.

        1. Although it's not only in Chicago I think Sprinkles Cupcakes are heavenly with an endless amount of flavors!

          1. Molly's is great. I like how you can mix and match your own cupcake flavor and icing. (Not everyone wants cream cheese frosting on a red velvet cupcake!) There is seating, which is nice too.
            Sweet Mandy B's is one of the original cupcake places in Chicago.
            Twisted Sister Bakery in Old Town is also great.

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            1. re: mmilanam

              This is almost a silly question: Molly's makes the best cupcakes pretty much ever. People travel from all over the country to eat them. Try the Ron Bennington: you will not be disappointed.