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Feb 22, 2010 09:32 AM

Is Allston the best chow neighborhood in Boston?

After a wonderful lunch at Mt. Everest kitchen last week, I stopped for a moment to take stock of what a marvel the neighborhood of Allston is. You can literally eat the world in a couple square blocks...and while not every place is a winner, the vast majority are quite respectable. I do wonder how ALL THOSE INDIAN places stay in business, though I know there are regional differences.

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      1. It's a little short on fine dining options, but for budget dining, I think it's got better breadth than any other Boston neighborhood. Chinatown and Eastie have their merits, but if I had to pick only one to dine in, Allston would be it.

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          Yes, I think Allston's biggest weaknesses lie in two areas: fine dining, and desserts that aren't Asian or ice cream. I'd welcome a cafe with really nice desserts (oh, how I miss the sweets at the Coffee Connection - that gingerbread! The dacquoise!) and/or an old-fashioned American-style bakery.

        2. I agree as well. There are a lot of high quality budget choices there.

          1. There was a lively thread on a similar subject a few years ago,

            It's interesting to see how things have evolved - at that time the votes went more to the North End, South End, and mid-Cambridge/Somerville (basically the area bounded by Porter Sq., Union Sq., and Inman Sq.), with only a few mentions of Allston. But so many good new places have opened in Allston since then that's it's really taken over.

            Rarely have I seen such unanimity on any Chowhound topic!

            1. I've cited Dorchester as a great overlooked neighborhood for Chowhounds, but that's kind of cheating, since you have to take it as a whole for it to rate, and it's Boston's largest neighborhood. I tend to think of this question in terms of geographic concentration: if you have to drive around to hit all the great spots, it doesn't really count. In this context, you'd have to talk about Savin Hill vs. Lower Mills vs. Peabody Square, etc., to be fair.