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Feb 22, 2010 09:19 AM

Foodie Wedding - Latrobe's

Has anyone been to a recent wedding at Latrobe's on Royal? I know that Chef Nathaniel is excellent from eating at Boucherie, and I've heard that the weddings at Latrobe's have been equally amazing food-wise. I'm just wondering if there have been any standout dishes of his from a Latrobe's wedding that we should try at our tasting? We are doing a cocktail hour and a seated dinner, but instead of the typical three course meal we are contemplating several small plates. thanks!

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  1. Visually LaTrobe's is wonderful. I've done corporate events there which is different than
    weddings but here's my suggestions: a seated dinner that's all small plates - tapas like -
    will be very service heavy, tables will be busy with china and should cost extra. Do you run the possibility that your guests, especially the older or more traditional ones, just might not "get" the small plates at a seated wedding reception? That being said the shrimp and grits is a winner. I'd let them know your price ceiling and let them suggest a menu based on that. These are pro's and know how to make a girl happy. Remember to factor in all costs like taxes.

    Are you getting married there or are you're guests coming in from uptown to the Quarter for the reception? If the latter, you might want to have them do mini water's for the early arrivals, who don't go to the wedding, to have just in case there are traffic issues.

    What are you doing for the cocktail hour? Passed heavy hor's or just drinks? You could work 2 small plates in along with passed items during this time.

    Also you need to verify IF the patio & courtyard will be open to your guests. If there is another event that day (at the same time or later on) or the next day, it may be closed.
    I was a guest at a party where that happened - MIL was some kind of mad.

    They have a set preferred group of vendors. They are all "A" list (Flour Power, Sucre, Urban Earth, Glenn Vesh, etc.) and there's not alot of $$ negotiations. Remember to factor the outside vendors into your costs. FP's strawberry bavarian bridal and choc strawberry truffle groom's make a beautiful & tasty pair of wedding cakes.

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      You make good points about the small plates idea. Most likely we will stick with a traditional 3 course menu. We are getting married in December, and the reception and ceremony will both be at Latrobe's. We will have access to both the main banking room and the courtyard which is where the ceremony will be. After the ceremony, we will second line through the Quarter which should give Latrobe's enough time to pick up the chairs and set up for the cocktail hour. We are going to do both passed hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. I was thinking of doing the shrimp & grit cake for the cocktail hour. Also the crawfish beignet and duck wonton on the sample menu sound good. Since it is winter we will probably want to do a soup, maybe gumbo, for the first course. We love the smoked scallop the Chef does at Boucherie and would like to incorporate that somehow.

      1. re: kwasik

        Ohhhh someone has done their homework, I love this! Yes shrimp/grits for cocktail. I would caution on the wonton for an d'oeuvres. The curve of it keeps it moving on the plate, you don't want it flying off onto Aunt Alicia. The lemon chicken and the brushetta
        are both terrific app's. They do really great gnocchi - maybe there is something
        seasonal they can do.

        What about using cafe brulot porcelain cups (the kind Antoine's and Galatoire's uses,
        tall, narrow with small saucer) for your soup course? That would be such an only
        in New Orleans presentation. Gumbo would be too busy for this but a winter vegetable soup (butternut squash, sweet potato) could work.

        Also keep in mind that Colemen Adler owns Latrobe's. So should you be looking
        for bridesmaid's/groomsmen etc. gifts for your party from Adler's, all that can be co-ordinated. You should also be able to get a bit of a discount too. It never hurts to ask!
        Congratulations, hope you have lovely weather.

        1. re: savory south

          I am getting married at Latrobe's in two weeks. When we went to the tasting the Chef made large sizes of a few of the dishes on the menu and some not on menu to showcase that the food can be flexible. We had something they called Beef Latrobes. Its almost like a beef stew severed over grits. Out of this world. We are getting that instead of a pasta dish. Another great thing was the ahi tuna wonton. It was so different than I was expecting reading it off the menu. He also prepared a smoked scallop that would work very well for the small plates. I think you are in good hands. I am so excited for the food at our wedding. I can't wait. We are doing passed boudin balls, which I think are a must at Latrobes.

          1. re: vant27

            I hate to be nosy, but I am trying to get an idea of what the cost is for a wedding and reception at Latrobes...I havent called yet, but didnt want to be blindsided...I am planning on having a small wedding and reception under 100. Any helpful information will be great!

            1. re: girllalo

              I called for my wedding which will be next March and they told me I couldn't reserve a Saturday without a minimum of 200 guests or $20,000 worth of food. I too am trying to have a small wedding of 100 people, so restaurant suggestions are welcome!

              1. re: amr395

                They aren't doing small events anymore apparently. Which is a shame, because the venue and the food are both amazing. We wanted to renew our vows there, but wouldn't have enough guests. :(

                We went to a wedding there last Spring and the food was seriously the best wedding food I've ever had and some of the best in NOLA period. Their fried oysters are great for a passed hors d'oeuvres. They came in a little paper cone when we were there.

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                  Have you tried Donald Link's private dining venue? Calcasieu They have a couple of different rooms and the food is great at his other places. Hoping to host my husband's 40th birthday dinner there. I believe that John Besh has a similar private dining set-up as well. He has some details on his website.

                  Has anybody found an event planner they like? That's the problem I'm running into.

                  1. re: amr395

                    I am actually getting married at Latrobe's in about a month and got a pretty reasonable menu and price. I am one of those out of the box people that wanted a Sunday wedding, I opted for a Champagne Jazz brunch. If you are not totally set on a Saturday event you can save a ton and have a beautiful wedding at a beautiful place. Hope this helps:)

                    1. re: amr395

                      Latrobe’s is simply fabulous! I would at the very least going in and checking it out. It is sooooo worth it.

                      Latrobe's On Royal
                      403 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130

          2. Hi! Have you had your wedding yet? My fiancee and I very interested in Latrobe's for both our ceremony and reception. The place is beautiful and I hear the food is amazing. The one thing that concerns me is that the venue rental is for 3 hours. We also want to do a seated dinner and a cocktail hour but add the ceremony to that and it would be over before it began! Are you extending the rental? I feel like we'd need it for 5 hours! Also how many people are you having? Thank you so much!!

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              Yes, we got married in December and everything was amazing from the food to ambiance. everyone raved about the food - the only problem was that dinner was a little rushed. We had a long wedding by new orleans standards. our wedding started at 5 and we were there until about 10. the ceremony was done by about 5:30, we did a long second line through the quarter and by the time we got back the ceremony area was converted for the cocktail hour. we did a seated dinner for about 100 people (any more than that and it would be really tight) in the banking room. and then after dinner we had an informal cake service and dancing back in the courtyard with a band. email me if you want to see photos - katie (dot) wasik @ gmail (dot) com

              1. re: kwasik

                Katie, what were the best food choices on your menu? I'm getting married at LaTrobes this Dec. and going in for a tasting in about a month. Our plan is similar to yours except I think we might do the second line at the end rather than between ceremony and reception. Thanks, Melanie

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                  We were really happy with the food. The only problem was that the dinner service was really rushed. I felt like as soon as they put the food down, they were starting to gather plates. That was my only complaint about Latrobe's, and not a super big deal since we did have a timeline to stick to! For the dinner we went with a chicken and andouille gumbo for the first course, the blackened shrimp and grit cake with bacon vinaigrette for the second course and grilled beef tenderloin with a smoked scallop for the entree with sweet potatoes and asparagus. Everyone loved the food, even my picky relatives from New York. Sadly I didn't get a chance to eat too much during the cocktail hour because I was talking too much , but the hors d'oeuvres were a hit - we selected the mini crab cakes with remoulade sauce, pulled pork with crispy red onions on crispy corncakes, petite crawfish pies and duck confit wontons. We also did a cheese table for the cocktail hour, and then a late night pass of mini grilled cheese sandwiches.

                  We had absolutely the best time at Latrobe's, you will not be disappointed! Congratulations and good luck! Also, I have started a wedding planning business (Second Line Weddings & Events) if you need day of/week of assistance before your wedding since Latrobe's does not have an on-site coordinator.


                  1. re: kwasik

                    How do we reach you? Didn't see anything on Google.

                    1. re: CharlieH

                      Please e-mail me at for more information. I don't currently have a website - it is in production and should be up next week. Thanks! Katie Ives

                      1. re: kwasik

                        Second Line Weddings & Events - I'm also on Facebook ( and Twitter (@2ndlineweddings).

            2. I'm thinking of having 200-250 guests. I've heard this place probably won't be big enough for that.. suggestions?