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Feb 22, 2010 09:13 AM

Napa/Sonoma casual lunches

Spending 12 days in area, particularly Healdsburg/Russian River/Dry Creek area, Carneros area and Yountville/St. Helena area. We have great dinners planned at places like FL, Redd, Madrona Manor, etc. , but would like some great, very small lunches for when we're out and about during the days. Sandwiches-like food, but noteworthy. We don't want to make such a long pause at one of the great nighttime restaurants for lunch. Any help?

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  1. Stop by Bistro Jeanty for their tomato soup in puff pastry, and maybe split a salad. Yum!

    1. You can check out the Oxbow market.
      Pica pica maize, is great for cornwiches, I really liked the vegetarian one.
      While there definitely try the Three twins organic ice-cream, its outstanding.
      I recently had the chocolate-lavender and strawberry, both great!

      1. Try Fremont Diner while in the Carneros - some very informative posts have been done in the past several months if you do a search.

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        1. Healdsburg try Bovolo and Downtown Bakery both on the Plaza and great and quick and low key.

          1. DH & I picked up sandwiches at Sunshine Market in St. Helena last Fall & thought they were okay. A local told us to try Giugni's Deli (1227 main st.) next time; something about "giugni juice".