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Feb 22, 2010 08:53 AM

Sources for select Maille products?

While some Maille product varieties are widely available in US markets, like their original dijon and whole grain mustard, I have yet to find my favorites online or in any gourmet market:

Maille Provencal mustard, which is pale orange in color, and the other select mustard varieties, like cassis, or fruits rouges.

Does anyone know any sources for these online, mail-order, etc.?


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  1. Funny you asked this. My favorite is the bleu. I get it from my dear friend in Paris. He visits every year & brings me enough to last me 'til his next visit. I e-mailed Maille thru their website & I e-mailed the Mustard Museum Curator. No one ever answered me about buying Maille. I can only find the regular Dijon at my local grocer. Sigh...

    1. Scarletcerise, this is your lucky day!

      Yes, I found a source for the provencale mustard, but keep it under your hat. I googled 20 pages of "hits" several years ago for a lead and came up with a winner. I have ordered several cases since then. The product is online today, though it is not always. In any event, if you e-mail Carmine and arrange payment, it will be shipped to you! Vincenzo's, 740 Belmont Avenue West
      Kitchener, Ontario, CanadaN2M 1P2
      (519)741-1437 Fax (519)741-1903

      This mustard is simply not sold in the US, but can be found in Canada. I have tried to get DiBruno's in Philly to import it without success. If they were to taste it, they would find a way!!!! That said, Vincenzo's has been easy to deal with and does not charge excessively either for mustard or shipping to the states.

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        Wow, thanks for this rec. Vincenzo's is located in my hometown, which I still visit every so often. After browsing the website, I noted a number of products I'd like to pick up.

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          Thanks for the rec, LeeLee! It's funny, I used to live in Philly, and your mention of DiBruno's makes me long for their garlicky broccoli rabe...