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Feb 22, 2010 08:35 AM


Where in the area can this dish being served in the area?

I heard it was so good, they called it crack chicken.
Hummmm, let me know where it is being sold!!!!!

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  1. It's a pretty basic dish I think you could find at any Filipino restaurant. Don't expect it to be automatically great or even good.

    I like to go to the very informal Fairfax Inn on Sleepy Hollow Rd. in Seven Corners. But I have not had it there and it may not be very good. I highly recommend getting their daing na bangus and the lechon. Both are deep fried. The first is marinated milkfish (this is truly a great dish) and the second is pork with a lot of fat.... but the good kind. Also I adore the horchata milkshake here, but that would be too much, wouldn't it?

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      1. I like the chicken adobo at Lumpa Pancit in Gaithersburg. LOVE their lumpia and rendang as well.

        1. Make it yourself. Steve is right, it is such a basic dish. Wife bought a bunch of chicken thighs last night, so I thought I'd try it out. Only did four thighs as this was a test run, and my kid ate three of the four! Really so easy I don't know how anyone could screw it up, yet soooo good. The recipe I used called for finishing it off on the grill, that was a nice touch. And the sauce on the rice was killer.