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Feb 22, 2010 08:18 AM

Double-Wall Glass - Input?

I did a search and didn't find it here, so hopefully this is not a redundant post. In addition, I don't think if this count as "cookware", because I don't cook with it.

Here it goes.

Any one has any experience with double-wall glass.

I have seen them advertized for coffee and stuff. Are they good or hyped. The most popular complaint is that they break. Any input? They look nice, but not cheap. Thanks.

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  1. I was going to buy the Bodum because from all accounts, they do the job as advertised. But as you say, they are extremely fragile and not worth it to me for that reason. The other, less fragile Sun Tea brand looks like a better bargain to me.

    1. I'm a nortorious glass breaker and need those Sun's Tea 20 oz strong double wall thermo Pils glasses. The reviews have these at "virtually indestructible." I'm not so concerned about the thermo capability, as my glass doesn't usually sit around with a beverage in it for any length of time, but they look great for the durability factor and no condensation.
      I have a feeling the Bodums are very beautiful, work well, but are very fragile and the Suns are functional and durable.
      Edit: Reviewers at amazon seem to favor Sun's Tea and feel that Bodum's are very fragile.

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        Thanks for pointing about Sun's Tea products on Amazon. as an X-Bodum 13oz owner, I'll be sure to try a Sun's Tea glass next. Does anyone know if the current Amazon sale is special? or do they always sell around 40% off with $6 S&H?

      2. I own the Bodum double wall glasses & cups & use them every day for water, tea, coffee, juice. I have had them for several years and had zero problems with chipping/breakage. Ditto my Bodum tea pot. The glass *looks* fragile but IME it isn't. Not at all. They hold hot AND cold beverages, go through the dishwasher perfectly. They're very good looking & a pleasure to use.

        I broke exactly one by dropping it on the floor. An experience that would spell curtains for just about any glass.

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          I've used the espresso Bodum double wall glasses for a few years now. They're a pleasure, I like how they feel in my hand. They seem delicate, but I don't think they are. Haven't broken one yet- so far so good!

        2. Just want to say thank to all. Despite that I provided the amazon link, I didn't even notice the Sun's Tea. They will cost me about the same since Sun's Tea charge for shipping. It does look like Sun Tea is more solid but Bodum Pavina is more attractive. Tough choice. :) Thanks.

          1. I had a Bodum Assam 13oz that I enjoyed using for a few Months before a mild knock broke it. I think size matters, and the smaller tea size 7oz version are less fragile. My main reason for trying a double wall was to keep ice tea cold without a lot of ice. I've since been using which looks cheap and ugly, but suits my drinking needs best by keeping multiple Glaciercore in the freezer and swapping them out every time I refill the 10oz glass insert in that cheap plastic mug housing. for hot tea I prefer using this more rugged double walled glass from China or single wall quality glass products from Germany I would definitely try Bodum again if they ever manage to reformulate their glass to be less fragile. Bodum now has a Assam'like style with a Silicon rubber band around the glass waist, but I don't think it reduces fragility, just heat transference.

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            1. re: Joe Berger

              I think those are made in China and they are not double walled.