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Feb 22, 2010 08:17 AM

Where can I buy a sprinform pan?

where can i get that? plus is there any substitute for that?

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  1. «where can i get that?»

    Any kitchen supply store or department store with a kitchen department. Maison d'Émilie, La Soupière, Monas, The Bay, Ares, Les Touilleurs, Quincaillerie Dante, etc., etc.

    «is there any substitute for that?»

    In a word, no. You can use workarounds for some recipes but they're a PITA and don't give as good a result.

    Also, it's usually worthwhile buying a springform pan that's not the cheapest available. Cheap equals: thin metal (uneven cooking); adherent surfaces (sticking); poor fit (leaks); and poor workmanship (latch doesn't work smoothly or breaks).

    1. I had to search a bit, and kept coming up empty -- I was surprised, finally, that the place where I finally put my hands on them was Canadian Tire, across from Marche Centrale.

      1. Saw them at Sears, Zellers, Wal-Mart, Winners - do not know if there is a substitute= doubt it but some Chowhound will certainly let us know.

        1. Loblaw's (possibly other PC product chains as well, for all I know) makes a decent, inexpensive springform pan with a glass bottom and nonstick ring. I think it's around $9. Rest assured that springform pans are available basically anywhere pans are sold though :) Depending on the recipe, there might be a substitute (a non-springform pan, possibly lined and/or greased and/or floured to the max) but the springform is the way to go.

          1. Warsaw by the Atwater market has them. I saw a set of three for about ten dollars. Carswell is right about buying cheap ones, but they sell their stuff discounted. They might have some nicer ones as well. They had a springform tube pan as well.